Video Wall Controller Family

We at DEXON Systems collected all the experience from the past 20 years of video wall production and the feedbacks of our customers to design our new generation video wall controller family, the DXN6000.

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DEXON Systems - AV Solutions

Small Presentation Video Processor

DEXON Systems’ DIVIP804/404/824 Video Processors are vital components in demanding 4K60 AV projects where input HDMI signals must be displayed over a 4x1 or 2x2 video wall. 

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4K60 4:4:4, Modular Video Processor

The DVP500x name - as a new class in the AV industry - covers hybrid video processors that can satisfy all rendering requirements of an AV project, an office department, a building or even a factory.

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New Training Course for AV Installers

How to sell an AV project to a company?
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Product Families

Sharp and clear information presentation is the existential core of DEXON’s product families

DEXON Systems

We are committed to supply revolutionary multi-display video wall controllers for control rooms with the purpose of maximizing your clients’ user experience. Using our all-in-one products, system integrators can minimize complexity of demanding AV installations.

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Dexon Sysems Company info

Dexon Systems Industries


We work on multi-screen video display projects since 1996 and today it is one of the best-known developers and manufacturers of advanced video wall controllers on the market.

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