The 4 Most Prestigious AV Awards On the Globe

The AV industry is a competitive one, with people and companies from all over the world racing to make new advancements. In such an ambitious, creative, and fast-paced sector, it only makes sense that the ingenuity of those working within it would receive recognition.

There are a number of prestigious AV Awards to be won every year. So, let’s take a look at some of the most sought after.

What Is an AV Award?

An AV award is just like any award given in any other sector: it is a recognition of the outstanding achievements and contributions of one organization or individual to the industry as a whole. It gives clout to those who have earned it, shining a spotlight on the very best in the business.

So, not only is it a mark of honor, but a victory at a prestigious AV awards ceremony can also help winners go on to experience greater and greater success as a result.

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What Are the Most Prestigious AV Awards On the Globe?

There are several different AV awards that celebrate the industry’s finest every single year. Here are some of the most notable.

1.     The AV Awards

Location: London Evolution, Battersea Park.

Date: November 5, 2021.

In many ways, the AV Awards are the biggest and the best, held as they are in extremely high regard throughout the industry. Launched back in 1999 and based in the UK, they recognize outstanding achievements across the AV industry, ensuring to always promote best practice and excellence.

There are nine different awards, all focused on slightly different areas of AV. They are:

  • Audio Technology of the Year.
  • Collaboration Technology of the Year.
  • Communication Technology of the Year.
  • Control and Management Technology of the Year.
  • Digital Signage Technology of the Year.
  • Event Technology of the Year.
  • Processing and Distribution Technology of the Year.
  • Support Technology of the Year.
  • Visual Technology of the Year.

AV Awards 2021

All categories are rigorously judged by a panel of industry professionals, end users, and specialists, all of whom are carefully selected for their chosen category. The system is designed to be fair and take into account a wide range of viewpoints. So, any winners can come away with the satisfaction that their success has been determined and agreed upon by well-regarded people from across the sector.

The winners of the awards which, in 2020, included big hitters like Genelec and Philips, are often considered to be world leaders in their niche, if not before their win then certainly after. In other words, being recognized by the AV Awards goes a long way in establishing organizations and professionals as the very best the audiovisual world has to offer.

2.     Future’s Best of Show Awards

Location: Online.

Date: June, 2021.

For companies bringing out innovative products, the annual Best of Show Awards hosted by Future offer a particularly exciting opportunity. Celebrating the most interesting tech to come out of the sector in the preceding 12 months, any company presenting at that year’s ISE trade shows are eligible for entry.

This year, the awards are supported by six of Future’s biggest AV magazine brands, all of which represent an awards category. There is, for example, a general technology category sponsored by Installation, an audio-specific category sponsored by Mix, and a pro-AV product category sponsored by Sound & Video Contractor.

Future's AV Awards 2021

Winners can expect wide acclaim, as the successful entries are guaranteed to receive coverage in all six participating magazines, in addition to a digital certificate and winners logo. Given that Future receives 241,000 site visitors every single month and has more than 90,000 print readers, that adds up to some impressive coverage.

Even nominees that aren’t ultimately successful receive an invaluable boost to their reputation. Every single shortlisted entry will be written about in a special edition digital awards publication, and benefit from digital and social coverage from media partners.

3.     SCN Stellar Service Awards

Location: Online.

Date: April, 2021.

From the products revolutionizing the industry to the people behind them, the SCN Stellar Service Awards take a step back from what we see on the market to recognize the training, tech support, and more that goes on behind the scenes.

Hosted by Systems Contractor News and sponsored by Future, the winners are viewed in high regard by integrators, consultants, and end users alike. While perhaps not quite as prestigious as awards that recognize products in particular, gaining a reputation for offering outstanding service is still a highly valuable thing in this industry.

SCN AV Awards

Now in its eight year, the awards give Systems Contractor News readers the chance to vote on who they think are the best service providers. There are eight categories, which each include a Silver, Gold, and Platinum award. And, this year’s winners have already been announced!

So, without further ado, here are the Platinum winners of 2021’s SCN Stellar Service Awards:

  • Best Use of an Afternoon (Best Online Training): Peerless-AV’s Certified Installer Training Program.
  • Best Excuse To Leave the Office (Best In-House Training Program):Shure Integrated Systems Certification Program.
  • The Dealer Portal you Want To Keep Going Back To (Best Website Dealer Portal): Extron Insider.
  • Sales Support You Can Believe In (Best Sales Operation): SynnexVisualSolv.
  • The Number You Have On Autodial (Best Tech Support): Shure Applications.
  • Your Design Co-Pilot (Best Design Services): MSE Audio Free EASE Audio Design.
  • Your Best Defense Against Scope Creep (Best Project Management Platform): D-Tools System integrator Software.
  • The Storyteller That Keeps You On the Edge of Your Seat (Best Content Creation): Premier Mounts Video Case Studies.

4.     Inavation Awards

Location: Barcelona.

Date: June 5, 2021.

Serving an often-underrepresented section of the industry, the Inavation Awards recognize outstanding achievement in the AV sector throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and beyond.

AV Awards Inavation 2021

Providing the benchmark for systems integrators, consultants, and technology managers in these regions, the awards celebrate top-of-the-range technology innovations as well as the people who dared to break the mold. With four categories, including Project Awards, People Awards, Technology Awards, and the recently launched Business Awards, there is a lot to look forward to, particularly if you have an invite to the event.

Due to be held this year in Barcelona, Spain, attendees can expect first class entertainment, fine dining, and drinks, along with networking opportunities with the most exciting talent in the industry today. Don’t worry if you can’t join the event in person, though, because eager followers of the awards will be able to tune into an online event that will be open to all.

Frequently Asked Questions:

For more information on the most prestigious AV awards in the world, check out our FAQ below.

What Exactly Are These AV Awards?

The awards highlighted in this article celebrate the companies, people, and products that make outstanding contributions to the AV industry. As such, they help to encourage high standards, giving those that put performance and quality first the chance to win global recognition.

How Prestigious Are These AV Awards?

The AV Awards are the most prestigious in the industry and are, therefore, the most competitive and respected. However, winners of other significant awards such as the Future Best of Show and SCN Stellar Service Awards will receive similar benefits, but on a smaller scale.

Are These Awards Worth Attending?

The AV awards that are marked by ceremonies, such as the AV Awards, are certainly worth attending if you get an invite. They are incredibly exciting events, but also very exclusive. Some other awards are announced online rather than celebrated with an in-person event.

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