TOP 5 AV Certification Programs

Are you looking to break into the AV industry, but worried you don’t yet have the necessary experience to do so? If that’s the case, then you might want to consider doing an AV certification course, which will give you the practical and theoretical knowledge you need to get yourself established.

Who Needs To Do an AV Certification, and When?

While these courses are ideally suited to people looking to get a foot in the door, they are also great for those needing a refresher or to expand build on their existing knowledge base. Really, no matter where you are in your career, anyone looking to advance in the world of AV could benefit from a course.

There are several out there that focus on the general knowledge needed to make a strong start, and others that are more specialized. Start with a general course and see what your skills are best suited to. You could end up progressing in ways you never imagined.

How Important Is It To Do an AV Certification?

For people who want to work in the AV industry, certification courses are important. Before embarking on your new career path, it is imperative that you understand audiovisual fundamentals and their applications. AV is highly technical, so if you don’t take the time to learn, you could find yourself in way over your head.

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If you already work in the sector, though, there is still much to be gained even from a general program. For one thing, technology is advancing all the time, meaning a refresher course could keep you up-to-date. For another, a certification qualification on your resume will make it clear to hiring managers and clients that you know your stuff.

What Are the Top 5 AV Certification Programs?

There are plenty of AV certification courses to choose from. However, for ones that are comprehensive, accessible, and widely regarded, the following five are great choices.

1.      AVIXA’s Essentials of AV Technology

AVIXA is a big name in the AV industry, perhaps best-known for hosting North America’s largest pro-AV show, InfoComm. In addition, the organization also shares the latest AV news, curates handy resources, and offers AV courses that are suited to novices and experts alike.

For those interested in taking on the challenge of an AV certification program, their Essentials of AV Technology Course is ideal. It covers the foundational knowledge that you’ll need to excel in any area of AV, such as the fundamentals of light and sound, the common devices in an AV system, and the science behind how it all works.

AVIXA AV Certification ProgramsThere are also specific modules on audio, video, infrastructure, and networking, so you’ll have all the building blocks you need to make a promising start. And, anyone can sign up, regardless of previous education or experience. As long as you have internet access and a suitable device, you will be able to make the most of all this three-day course has to offer.

Then, if you want to hone in on specific areas of AV, you could consider joining one of AVIXA’s more specialized AV courses. They offer a range, which include programs in:

  • Installation.
  • Live events.
  • Design.
  • Technology management.
  • IT and AV.
  • Project management.

All courses are free for Premium and Elite AVIXA members.

2.      Extron AV Associate Certification

Designed with AV professionals in mind, Extron’s AV Associate Certification is all about advancing the learner’s understanding of AV system technology, design, and configuration. However, that’s not to say that industry newcomers can’t sign up, too. In fact, there are no educational prerequisites for this course, so it’s open to anyone hoping to gain and validate their essential AV knowledge.

As with AVIXA’s online AV certification program, the course is delivered entirely online and is accessible through smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. With 24/7 access to the course materials, users can take it at their own pace and in their own time, before completing the final examination.

AV Certification Programs

The content is wide-ranging and thorough, focusing on everything from AV networking and system control to audio and video principles, signal processing, USB technology, and more. And, it’s currently available in a number of different languages, including:

While most training provided by Extron is free of charge, their online certification courses do carry a fee. To find out how much the AV Associate Certification or any of their other AV programs will cost you, contact an Extron representative.

3.      SynAudCon’s Course 50: How Sound Systems Work

If you’re hoping to brush up on your audio-specific knowledge, then SynAudCon’s Course 50: How Sound Systems Work is a great choice. Covering essential theory, terminology, and methods related to the most up-to-date tech before segueing into fundamentals of setup and operation, it’s a great course for both beginners and experts.

Taught primarily via 35 videos, instructional graphics, and transcriptions, the course materials are easy to understand and accessible at all times of the day and night for 45 days. Plus, with a quiz after each of the program’s nine lessons, you can be sure that the knowledge you gain really goes in before you move onto the next thing.

Given its impressive scope, Course 50 offers even the most established professionals the chance to learn something new. All learners who successfully pass the final exam will then be issued with an industry-recognized accreditation. Put that on your resume, and you’ll be far more competitive as a candidate for new jobs and promotions, both in the AV industry and specific audio careers.

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4.      Crestron Flex Certification Track

Learn all there is to know about one of the biggest and most technically innovative names in the game, Crestron. This multi-award-winning company has a wide range of courses that are intended to help users from across the world better understand Crestron solutions and advance their career in AV. Choose from one of their self-paced or interactive online training courses, or opt for a more comprehensive course track.

Their Flex Track Certification is perfect for those looking to find out more about the technology that keeps the industry going. Through a mix of self-taught modules and peer to peer interactive Zoom sessions, you will earn a thorough introduction to Crestron’s Flex solutions, including how to install and configure many of their most popular products.

Crestron AV Certification Programs

There are other tracks, too, all of which include a selection of curated courses designed to skill you up in a particular area. These are as follows:

  • Core Track, which will give you the foundational knowledge you need to understand Crestron solutions.
  • Technician/Field Engineer Track.
  • Sales Track.
  • Programmer Track.
  • Design Track.
  • Lighting Track, coming soon.

All are rounded off with an exam, upon successful completion of which you will be issued with your certificate.

5.      AMX Programmer (Networked AV) Certification

Any budding networked AV programmers in Australia and New Zealand should check out the AMX Programmer Certification. This course gives you both a theoretical and practical introduction to PANELBuilder software and the basics of JavaScript. So, students that enroll will learn how to develop a graphical user interface (GUI) as well as control code to provide real time feedback for two-way controlled devices.

AMX AV Certification Programs

By applying the information to IR, IP, and Serial devices that are common to AV solutions, the course equips users with everything they need to know to go away and get stuck in. And, as proof that students really know what they’re doing, their certificate will only be issued once the practical and multiple choice assessments have been passed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know more? Check out our frequently asked questions for additional information.

Who Needs These Programs?

Anyone looking to start or advance their career in the AV industry would benefit from an online AV certification course. The qualifications gained as a result will go a long way in helping you get established as a knowledgeable professional.

Is It Important To Attend These Programs If You Are Working In the AV Industry?

While those already working in AV don’t necessarily need to take a course, it would be of benefit. For one thing, technology and systems change all the time. For another, a certification will help you stand out in a competitive industry.

What Knowledge Can Be Gained By Taking These Programs?

The knowledge you gain will depend on the course you take. However, by joining a program that covers a broad range of core topics, you can build a solid foundation of transferable information.

Consider signing up for a specialist course if you want to expand your knowledge base.


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