How to Become an AV Installer?

If you love designing, installing, and managing AV systems in real-time, the job of an AV installer might just be for you. Here’s everything you need to know.

There are few things more exciting than a live event, particularly in the wake of the past 18 months. Getting to take in a live spectacle as it happens is something I don’t think many of us will take for granted again. But, a lot of people often forget that, behind each live experience, whether it be a sports game or a work conference, is a person managing the tech.

This person, known as an AV installer, plays a big part in bringing an event to life and making magic happen. With tasks as varied as setting up equipment, mixing soundboards, and coordinating graphics, they have to be highly skilled and adept at multitasking, as well as cool-headed, experienced and driven.

AV Installer

If this sounds like the job for you, then read on to find out more! We’ll explore exactly what the role entails, how to gain relevant experience, and the salary you can expect to make.

What Is an AV Installer?

An AV installer can be many things depending on the field they operate in. The role can vary dramatically from day to day based entirely on the clients they work with and the events they’re asked to do.

Generally speaking, though, an AV installer is an audiovisual technician who creates bespoke AV setups for different live events. These setups will be tailored to the needs of individual clients and, of course, installed in plenty of time before an event starts. They will then go on to operate the equipment while the event is in progress, troubleshoot problems, and carry out repairs.

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What Does It Take to Be an AV Installer?

To be an AV installer, a person has to have a certain level of education and experience in the field. Just having an interest in audiovisual equipment or an in-depth understanding of one area of AV isn’t going to cut it. AV installers need to have a broad range of knowledge if they are to successfully create, set up, and manage the equipment for various live events.

What Does It Take to Be an AV Installer

To get a job as an AV installer, then, it’s a good idea to have one or more qualifications behind you. You could, for example, apply to do a bachelor’s degree at a respected school with a good audiovisual program.

Or, you could take online audiovisual courses. The very best ones are recognized across the industry and will teach you everything you need to know about AV installation, from system fabrication to operating the latest equipment. The following providers offer high-quality courses that are sure to impress recruiters:

What Are the Main Tasks of AV Installers?

There are many tasks an AV installer will have to carry out in their day-to-day life, and they aren’t all specifically tech-related. For example, AV installers must be able to communicate effectively with customers. This will help them to secure work and ensure all projects are carried out to a client’s exacting specifications.

Beyond that, they will be responsible for the technology used from the start of a live event to the very end. This includes designing different setups and choosing the most appropriate equipment for each rig. They will then have to install their setup, perform quality control analysis, and set things live as and when they’re scheduled to.

It is also up to the AV installer to make sure nothing goes wrong with their setup or the equipment. So, problem-solving skills will be key, as will a good understanding of all different types of AV equipment and how to quickly deal with common problems.

In some cases, however, an AV installer’s job could be completely different. While their main responsibilities often lie in live events, they may also be called on to install the equipment for security or commercial setups.

What Are the Main Tasks of AV Installers

What Possible Career Paths Can AV Installers Have?

Specialist AV installers don’t generally dive straight into their positions. To prove they have the required expertise and skill set, they will usually have to work their way up from an entry-level position. Doing an internship or work experience might also help, given that the AV sector can be quite a competitive industry.

Aspiring AV installers can expect to start their careers as assistant or junior AV technicians before rising through the ranks. Then, once they’ve earned the title of AV installer, they can continue progressing. Eventually, a talented installer could run a team or department. They could even start their own business if they’re good enough at the customer-facing side of things.

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How Much Money Does an AV Installer Make?

The money an AV installer can expect to make will vary depending on a range of factors, including the company they work for, the field they operate in, and the amount of responsibility they take on. However, no matter the specifics, one thing that’s for sure is that AV installers can earn a very attractive annual salary.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for an equipment technician is just under $46,000. For a more senior, specialist installer, chances are the money would be even better. To get a clearer idea, consider looking at AV installer job advertisements in fields you might eventually want to work in.

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a lot to know about the job of an AV installer. To give you the clearest possible insight into what the role entails and whether it’s right for you, we’ve rounded up some of the most frequently asked questions. Here they are, answered.

What Are AV Installers Doing?

AV installers are responsible for designing, setting up, and managing audiovisual installations. They are most often called upon to do live events and play a big role in making them a success. However, they may also sometimes install security or commercial AV setups.

How Can Someone Be an AV Installer?

You have to work your way up if you want to be an AV installer. So, begin by getting the relevant education. You can do this either through a degree course or an accredited online course. From there, you can begin applying for internships or entry-level jobs.

Does AV Installer Count as a Hard Job?

Successful AV installers must have a broad skill set and a wide range of in-depth knowledge. If they don’t, the events they oversee could run into major problems. So, taking into account the required expertise and the pressure they’re under, yes, it can be considered a hard job.

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