Bett Show 2024-2025 UK, Brasil, Asia: The ultimate guide

If you have an interest in the education technology sector, or work within this industry, you might already be aware of the Bett Show. This technology exhibition hopes to change education as we know it, and has been meeting three times a year for nearly four decades.

With thousands of attendees from all over the world, Bett’s event is an historic moment for education technology every year. To become part of the ‘EdTech’ revolution, keep reading and discover more about Bett; as well as why you should attend their 2025 show.

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What is the Bett Show?

The Bett Show (formerly the ‘British Educational Training & Technology Show’) is an opportunity to see the latest technologies throughout the EdTech industry. These include audiovisual tools that help teachers guarantee no student gets left behind.

The Hyve Group organizes this event, which will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2025. The Bett Show has grown steadily over the decades, with daily panel discussions, speeches, product demonstrations, and workshops. Common topics include device accessibility, the rapid growth of AI, educational esports, and more.

2024’s UK Bett Show boasted 30,000 attendees, with further expositions in Brasil and Malaysia still to come later this year. Educators across the globe are already preparing for London’s 2025 show, which is now looking for exhibitors.

Bett Shows

How many Bett Shows are there worldwide?

There are three Bett Shows each year: one in London, one in Brasil, and one in Asia. In 2024 and 2025, Asia’s exhibition will be in Malaysia. Bett Asia changes its location every few years in order to reflect its prestigious status as the continent’s largest education technology expo.

The global Bett community works together to make sure educators worldwide see the sector’s  latest. There is unrivalled talent worldwide hoping to make a big difference to education, and not every expert can go to all three events. This means each one is a whole new experience.

Each Bett Show is an exciting chance to network with EdTech companies as well as other educators. This is especially important as it allows for diverse perspectives across the field from all over the world. With three shows, organizers can tailor them to suit each continent’s needs.

Bett origins: history of the shows

The British Educational Suppliers Association hosted the first Bett Show at London’s Barbican Centre in January 1985. Organizers saw that computing would soon become an integral part of learning. As technology grew, the show became popular enough that it moved to a much bigger venue (the Olympia) in 1993.

Initially focused on hardware, the show swiftly grew to welcome software, and would soon enter partnerships with Apple, Microsoft, and other tech companies. However, teachers remain at the heart of these events, with an emphasis on SEN (special educational needs) and a wide range of training opportunities.

As the expo entered the 21st century, it welcomed sister shows in Brasil and Asia, which started in 2014 and 2017 respectively. Keynote speakers have included educational advisors, scientists, government officials, and entrepreneurs. In 2013, the London show again moved to a far bigger venue, the ExCeL convention center.


When and where will the upcoming Bett Shows be: Schedule, exhibitors, networking

As a global event, there are several Bett Shows each year that you should be aware of. You can attend the one closest to you, or simply look for talks that you would enjoy. Here are the details you need to know for the next three Bett Shows:


2024’s Brasil show will run from the 23rd-26th of April at São Paulo’s Expo Center Norte. Just like the London show, Bett Brasil has 30,000 regular visitors. This shows exactly how important educational technology is in any part of the world.

Across all four days, companies from throughout Latin America come together to help education flourish. While details on specific exhibits are still scarce, visitors will be able to connect with the industry’s thought leaders and decision makers.


After two years in Thailand, Bett Asia is returning to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia for its 2024 and 2025 shows. The former will be on the 2nd-3rd of October at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, where visitors will enjoy world-class hospitality.

The 2024 event will highlight the Bett EdTech 10 list of inspiring women across EdTech from the Asia-Pacific region. Bett Asia’s tech expo is another highlight — with over 50 exhibitors that offer first-hand experiences of the latest solutions.


United Kingdom

Bett’s organizers are already hard at work to make sure London’s 2025 event is another show to remember. The UK’s 2024 exhibition attracted 300 speakers and attendees from 130 countries, with speeches from Louis Theroux, Charlene White, and more.

The 2025 Bett Show promises to continue pushing the education experience forward through its signature Tech User Labs and Table Talks. Companies are still in the early stages of registering their interest, and 2025 is sure to be another incredible year.

Why attend the Bett Show? Who can you meet with?

Educators can sample a wide range of innovative technologies, including high-end multiscreen displays, virtual reality experiments, and educational AI models. Teachers can make sure that policymakers understand what they need to help the next generation reach its full potential. The Bett Show drives the future of EdTech across three continents, making this a front-row seat to witness the evolution of classrooms worldwide.

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How can you apply for exhibition? Is it worth doing?

If you plan to exhibit an EdTech solution, this is a great opportunity for your company as well as a chance to make education better. Many of the attendees have significant sway over their firm’s purchasing decisions, letting you build the right connections.

You can apply to become an exhibitor at any of the Bett Shows, or all three if your company has the resources. This is also an excellent way to network with teachers and even get feedback on your company’s current approach to EdTech.

If you want to help education reach a new golden age, signing up for the Bett Show — no matter your background or expertise — is an excellent choice.

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