7 AV Components for a Conference Room

If you are organizing large scale conferences, you know exactly that the heart of a successful meeting will be an outstanding AV solution. Once your conference room AV equipment is upgraded, you will be successful in terms on engaging your audience and you will have green light to connect with them with your brand or message. Therefore, you must invest your time and energy to pull off a fantastic conference by investigating the solutions out there.

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What are conference centers/rooms?

A conference center is a large building that is designed to hold a convention, where individuals and groups gather to promote and share common interests. It can as well be referred to as a large venue designed for conferences often consisting of a large hall as well as a number of smaller lecture rooms and other facilities. While conference rooms can be much smaller, for example location in an office or hotel area to accommodate a smaller group of people or discuss business proposals and conduct meetings.

Conference Room AV Equipment

What is the aim of such conference centers?

The initial aim of such spaces is to gather in a modern environment where many participants can be in one location to make decisions, to collaborate, to communicate and to share information. However, in today’s fast-moving environment, conference rooms also provide a base for virtual meetings as well as it is becoming more and more popular to work remotely or while traveling.

AT&T Conference Room

These facilities can also be the home of trainings for businesses and workshops. Thus, they serve multiple purposes and provide fantastic location for many applications and events. Meaning, it is greatly important to have them well equipped if we wish to rent them out for multi-purposes and we wish to meet many different requirements at once.

Critical components for conference rooms

Now let’s break down the different areas when it comes to designing your conference room and what conference room AV equipment is needed. The first step is clearly to clarify your AV needs which will enable your crystal-clear communication. This of course comes at a cost, not only monetary but it will require your time to investigate many aspects. You will see in the below list that most aspects have great impact.

AV Equipment for Conference Rooms

For example, the acoustics, the shape of the table, the size of the room, how many people will be in the room, how you wish to enhance collaboration and certainly your budget.

So optimize your room for peak performance and outstanding comfort with the below components!

Component 1: The Display

When entering a conference room, undoubtedly the first thing that will catch your eye is the display. Certainly, depending on the scale of the conference room in question, the most basic question is whether your location is equipped with a projector or with a video wall. The major technologies that can be used for video walls are front projectors, large TFT/LCD monitors, video wall built-of narrow bezel TFT/LCD monitors or LED walls of any size.

Clearly, you will need some kind of display screen that will present your content. This content might be video conferencing, presentation or any inputs coming from computers. The final setup to give the perfect visual experience will be based on the scale you wish to equip your conference room with and certainly you can combine multiple solutions to bring out the best!

 Palacongressi Conference Center

Option 1: Projector

 AQ Equipment

Option 2: Video Wall

Component 2: Audio or Video Conferencing

As mentioned above, in today’s conference environment, certainly depending on the size of a conference room – you might need to invest in a technology that will allow you to conduct the conference with audio and video as well. Make sure to pick audio equipment based on scale - so for a small conference room makes sure you pick something that allows for clear audio from computer or camera. However, for bigger conference rooms we recommend a solution that will include special microphone and speakers.

Audio or Video conferencing

Component 3: Microphone and Speakers

Having a good set of microphones and suitable speaker equipment will definitely increase the quality of your performance and the quality of your conference room. Depending on the size of your conference room, the table, the number of participants and seats, all have a great impact on the conference room AV equipment you will need – so do not think for one second that there is a universal solution for all conference rooms.

Imagine you have a conference call or a very important presentation to a larger audience, no one needs the additional stress to struggle with technological set ups and difficulties. We all want something small and user friendly that we feel comfortable using. So you need to unlock your potential with the suitable equipment.

Component 4: Camera

Certainly, nowadays you can easily get a hold of a camera that will suit your AV needs in your conference rooms. Professional cameras must be selected with the correct analogue and digital zoom capabilities, resolution options and easy handling. Usually, the application needs a special set for streaming and recording also.

Camera for Conference Centers

Component 5: Control Panel

In demanding AV projects integrator must assign a specific area where all the control and supervision equipment can be stored. Thus, you can access all components at once and manage any event or presentation with an overall view. You can see the camera positioning, handle the audio setting, the lighting, the speakers and microphone, the connectivity and certainly the projector or video wall also.

Control Room for conference center

Component 6: Connectivity

When it comes to connectivity, nowadays we do not need to explain that there is a vast variety of tools and methods to use. You can connect many different components electronically, via direct Ethernet cable connection, WIFI network or even Bluetooth connection. Regardless whichever method you trust the most and suits your purposes, you should get advice from professionals who can give you pro tips on maximizing your conference room’s potential. By picking a modern, customized AV device to manage audio and visual aspects, make sure you can easily connect to it and can have access to displayed content.

 AV Connectivity

Component 7: Matrix Switchers

Central components of a conference room AV equipment are matrix switcher or a system of matrix switchers that process all of the audio and video signals and transfer them to the right place. The right signal routing may manage tens or hundreds of different signals. The input and output signals usually mean different signal standards so the matrix switchers must perform signal format conversion and even resolution conversion also. The attractive performance and display need visual effects as seamless signal switching or even artistic fade effects. Large matrix switchers as DEXON Systems' DIMAX family can be used as offering matrix switch of even 144x72 signals, provide scaling, resolution conversion, seamless switch or even fade effects as an all-in-one solution.

Train your staff to use the conference room’s AV system

The central supervision and control of a conference center usually can be performed through easy-to-use graphics user interface. These are especially developed for people with various backgrounds and for various application areas. Simplicity is also key; as such a user interface needs to be quickly adjustable to display data instantaneously.

So, get a matrix switcher that is designed with ease of use in mind. Luckily, most devices are equipped with simple drag and drop operation function, you can easily set presentation effects and you can have a live preview option which helps you see what is happening on your video wall even remotely. So keep your priorities in mind before making a final decision.

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As technology evolves, so are the ways of sharing knowledge with others. Our products are exceptionally reliable and applicable to be used for trainings, enabling trainees to be part of the learning process with a flawless visual interactive experience. We are able to support AV projects for every type of educational and conference facilities to make your institution stand out among others.

These applications generally occur at extraordinary conference centers that are well-known all around the world, such as from Palacongressi di Rimini all the way to Samsung’s conference room in Korea.

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