Infocomm trade show 2024: schedule, exhibitors, networking

The next InfoComm show will be underway in Las Vegas this June, with plenty of tech products and training programs for you to take part in. Whether you want to relax with old colleagues or build new connections in the audiovisual industry, InfoComm has plenty to offer.
InfoComm has been changing the face of AV media for nearly eight decades, and plays host to many Fortune 500 companies. Want to visit their 2024 show? Read our guide and learn what to expect, the usual schedule and if you should set up an exhibit for your company.

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What is the InfoComm trade show?

Describing itself as North America’s largest audiovisual trade show, InfoComm has grown a lot over the years to keep pace with the 21st century. The exposition represents professionals from a diverse range of sectors, including government officials, corporate executives, educators, and IT workers as well as general AV enthusiasts.

The Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association (or AVIXA) is responsible for organizing InfoComm and has hosted the show each year since its beginning in 1946. Past exhibitors have included Bosch, Dexon Systems, Logitech, and a whole host of other incredible companies who have helped to revolutionize digital audiovisual technology.

Over the past few years, technology has continued to transform how we live our lives, especially with the growing focus on artificial intelligence. However, InfoComm still remains at the forefront of these changes. Visitors can sample the innovations which will go on to define the AV industry and learn more about the sea changes they can expect.


When and where does InfoComm take place?

In order to make sure companies and experts all over North America have a place at the expo, InfoComm alternates between Las Vegas and Orlando. For 2024, the show will go ahead at the Las Vegas Convention Center, with a special cinematic event at the city’s famous Sphere.
InfoComm 2024 begins on the 8th of June and ends on the 14th of June, with the exhibits taking place from the 12th onwards. This is so everyone has a chance to network and enjoy the highly varied talks and events before they try out the latest audiovisual systems.

Every day of the exposition is sure to have something for everybody; and many of its attendees (⅓) never visit any other trade show. The 2023 show in Orlando welcomed over 36,000 people from as many as 155 countries — showing that this event has a truly global reach.

InfoComm origins: history of the trade show

AVIXA (formerly NAVED, the National Association of Visual Education Dealers) set up their first expo in 1946 in Chicago. The audiovisual industry boomed throughout the following decades as televisions, personal computing, and home video took off. In many ways, the original show was decades ahead of its time.

To match the growth in attendance (and in technology), InfoComm has expanded its scope over time. Video conferencing, streaming media, and the shifting digital landscape have been notable themes since the beginning of the 21st century. In recent years, there have also been InfoComm shows in China and India, though the original remains the most popular.

Immersive and interactive experiences now form a greater part of InfoComm’s expositions, with AVIXA’s name reflecting these heavily ‘integrated’ solutions. Every piece of AV technology you use in your daily life is a marvel of engineering. At InfoComm’s show, you can get close to many of the key players that make it all possible.


InfoComm 2024: Schedule, exhibitors, networking

With InfoComm 2024 just a few months away, there is some information available on what you’ll get to see. The event splits its sessions across several categories, including audio, business and project management, streaming, inclusion, and more. This sheer variety is exactly what makes InfoComm so popular.

There are also many courses available for visitors, letting them gain new skills or just learn more about the industry and its trends. For example, there are workshops in monitoring AV systems, preparing for a Certified Technology Specialist exam, casting amateur performers, and creating consistent user interfaces.

As these events involve many fields relating to the AV realm, this is also your chance to network with industry leaders and possible clients. No matter your connection to audiovisual technology, InfoComm is a place to meet like-minded enthusiasts with experience in your niche.

InfoComm 2024

Why attend InfoComm? Who can you meet with?

Decision makers with real purchasing power, as well as influencers and possible customers, are everywhere at InfoComm’s shows. Whether you’re exhibiting a new tool that might change how we use media or just want to build up your network, there are plenty of chances to collaborate.

InfoComm is a great opportunity to see new audiovisual trends in action, sometimes before they even get popular in the first place. For example, 2024’s show will look more closely at immersive experiences such as virtual reality, as well as recent developments across digital signage.

InfoComm’s industry forecasts from leading experts can also help you prepare for changes and shifts in the audiovisual world over the next few years. This lets customers stay informed about upcoming product releases while making sure thought leaders know the best way forward.

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How can you apply for exhibition? Is it worth doing?

Though the event is only a few months away, InfoComm is currently still accepting registrations for 2024’s exhibition on their official website. There are affordable booths available for members and non-members, with members getting a $5 discount in addition to several other benefits.

InfoComm’s networking opportunities can help you find companies that specialize in your niche, and possibly even partner with them further down the line. If you have faith in your business and its latest round of AV products, setting up an exhibit could even connect you with new investors.

Becoming an InfoComm exhibitor lets you showcase your latest innovations to the world, and in an environment that’s full of people just as passionate as you. Your future customers, business partners, and backers are already signed up for InfoComm — make sure you join them.

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