ISE2024 Europe Guide: everything you need to know about the exhibition

As the world begins to emerge from its pandemic slumber and we begin to settle back into the routine of exhibitions, conventions, and large-scale events, you might be wondering what exhibitions DEXON Systems are planning to attend in 2024 to spread the good news about our AV systems. You’ll be pleased to know that DEXON is planning to attend ISE Europe in 2024!

But what is ISE Europe, and what will you get out of the event if you attend? At DEXON, we know that information is key to innovation, so we’ve compiled this complete guide to all things ISE Europe so you can understand the value of attending this event and events similar. 

Today, we’ll be discussing what the ISE Europe exhibition is, when and where it isn't happening, and how you can meet, and we’ll pass on some networking tips for the event to help boost your business!

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What is the ISE Europe exhibition about, and what does it stand for? 

Before we get into the specifics of ISE, let’s iron out the basics for anyone who isn’t familiar with the event. ISE Europe is the largest event for the AV industry and is an opportunity for AV businesses around the globe to show off their latest products, business ideas, and predictions for future trends in the AV industry. 

The ISE Exhibition stands for Integrated Systems Europe. It offers businesses and AV enthusiasts the chance to test new equipment or showcase prototype products to generate hype and excitement about their business. The exhibition is also a significant opportunity for businesses to network, especially if they’re just starting in the industry. 

Having this exposure to emerging products and being able to interact with big industry names like Canon, Samsung, Sony and Logitech give industry newbies an inside view of what success in this industry looks like!

What is the ISE Europe exhibition about?

When and where is the exhibition being held?

As usual, the ISE exhibition will be held in Barcelona at the Fira Barcelona Gran Via between the 30st of January and the 2nd of February, according to ISE’s press release. 

This year, organizers have secured a huge amount of space, meaning attendees will have access to more AV industry leaders than they could possibly imagine. 

In fact, the event is so large that organizers have separated the event into seven technology zones. With this, attendees can choose where they want to spend their time. Here’s a quick rundown of what zones attendees will find: 

  • Communications & Education Technology 
  • Residential & Smart Building
  • Multi-Technology
  • Audio
  • Digital Signage & DooH
  • Lighting & Staging
  • Content Production & Distribution

When and where is the exhibition being held?

Who can be an exhibitor here? What criteria should ISE Europe exhibitors meet? 

As we’ve mentioned, the conference aims to bring industry leaders and AV enthusiasts from around the globe together to discuss, innovate and celebrate emerging AV trends in 2023 and the years beyond. 

As it stands, over 700 companies have already committed to being at the event, with many more expected to register in the coming weeks. ISE is also committed to sharing the stage with several new and emerging AV brands that are ready to make their mark on the industry.


To be an exhibitor at ISE Europe, attendees will need to select the best stand that suits their budget and your exhibition content. There are four stands that you can choose from, these are: 

  • Inline stand 
  • Corner stand 
  • Peninsula stand 
  • Island stand 

Under these four stands, interested parties will find a price breakdown that depends on the attendees’ membership status. Typically, if you’re a member, you’ll benefit from lower prices. 

ISE states that all you need to do to meet the criteria to be an exhibitor is to be passionate about all things AV. They welcome both budding businesses trying to make a name for themselves and large, well-established businesses.

Who can be an exhibitor here?

Why is it worth visiting ISE Europe? Who can you meet at the exhibition in 2024?

If you’re an AV enthusiast, we definitely think it’s worth attending ISE Europe in 2024! By attending, you’ll have access to a vast range of well-known AV brands and businesses that can distribute vital advice, demonstrate new products, and inspire you to continue with your passion for AV. We also think it’s worth attending for all the great new and emerging businesses you might not get to meet in other settings. At ISE Europe 2024, you’ll find a host of incredible exhibitors. Here are some examples: 

  • Absen 
  • Blackmagic Design 
  • Barco 
  • Christie 
  • Google 
  • Sony 
  • Panasonic 
  • KNX 
  • Shure
  • Samsung

Of course, you’ll find many more brands at the event, but we’re pleased to tell our customers that we’ll also be attending ISE Europe in 2024. 

We’ll discuss all things AV while demonstrating some of the leading 4K technology, including matrix switching, extensions, signal scaling, and video wall controlling. We hope you’ll attend to find out how we’re contributing to adopting more interactive and dynamic display options!

Who can you meet at the exhibition in 2024?

Networking at ISE: how does it work, why is it good for your business? 

We all know that networking is a super important part of your business progress, and ISE Europe is a perfect opportunity to network with both big and small brands. But how is this good for your business? 

Well, networking not only ensures that other industry professionals know that your business is a crucial player within the industry, but it’s also an excellent chance to gain helpful advice from big industry names. By connecting with larger businesses in the industry, you might be able to unlock some essential industry secrets that will help you develop in the future. 

You’ll also be able to give potential customers more information about your services, which may lead them to seek out your services in the future. 

Networking can also benefit non-exhibitor attendees, as you might connect with potential employers or develop contacts that can help you find more employment opportunities within the AV industry.

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Final thoughts

To learn about some of the products we’ll be discussing and demonstrating at ISE Europe 2024 in Barcelona, why not take a peek through our product family? We offer an extensive range of video wall technology designed to take AV projects to the next level. If you’re interested in any of the technology we’ll be discussing in Barcelona, contact us now for more information.

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