The 10 best presentation softwares for video walls

When you've finally got your hands on the equipment to build a great video wall, finding software that allows you to manage these systems can be tricky. Although finding the best software to ensure you can deliver high-quality displays can feel like a minefield, fear not; we're here to help.

At DEXON, we understand the importance of having comprehensive video wall solutions to help you produce video wall displays that are engaging and inspiring, helping you achieve your primary goals. So, whether you're a simple AV enthusiast or a big business compiling presentations to wow hundreds, you need a great software solution to take your presentations to the next level.

To help you do this, we've compiled this guide to the ten best presentation software for video walls, with a guide to their benefits, features and pricing.

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What is presentation software?

Before we dive into the specific software you can find for your video, we must discuss what video wall software is. Video wall software typically refers to video wall management software that allows you to personalize your video wall configuration, optimize display quality and control the effects and look of your video wall.

This software is central to a well-managed, coherent display and ensures you can quickly put on a clear, well-organized and professional display.

Depending on the software and how comprehensive it is, you may be able to facilitate things like remote management or multiple video wall operators, making your display more dynamic and flexible to your needs.

While having the correct video wall equipment, such as a video wall processor and matrix switcher, is integral to a functioning video wall display, having the correct software can significantly impact display quality.

You can improve video display and mitigate the impact of poor monitor quality with the correct software solutions, transforming your video wall into a cinematic and high-production value experience for your audience. It's important to note that the package solutions for different types of video walls will differ.

Some software will allow you to optimize display and control your video wall configuration, whereas others may exclusively manage configuration. This will differ depending on the brand and pricing you opt for.

Presentation software

Why is it beneficial to use presentation software?

Before you begin your hunt for the perfect presentation software, it's imperative to understand why this software is beneficial. Below, we've compiled this brief guide to the reasons why you should consider using presentation software for your video wall:  

Higher quality

Quality is everything when it comes to video walls because much of your audience engagement relies on the delivery of high-quality content. Without high quality, your audience might find it hard to immerse themselves in the presentation experience, giving your engagement levels a significant knock.

With good presentation software, you can enhance your presentation's quality, taking both the production value and picture quality to new heights. With enhanced quality, your audience will view a professional and high-end presentation that oozes sophistication and organization, helping you achieve your primary objectives.

Enhanced control

Investing in video wall software gives you more control over your video wall configuration. This will allow you to organize your monitor layout and direct the right content to the correct screen. This allows you to create more dynamic displays and supporting content for your main presentation across different monitors.

Using a multi-monitor set-up and video wall software, you can distribute a higher content volume, improving your audience's communication levels.

Remote operation

Some video wall software allows you to facilitate remote operators or multiple operators simultaneously, such as DXWallControl. Through this, you can have much more flexibility over your project, allowing you to travel with your video wall, recall configurations, and much more. Being able to control your video wall from a remote location means you can quickly put on an engaging display no matter where you are, as long as you're connected to a network.

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Which is the best presentation software for video walls?

Now you know the reasons why it's essential to use video wall presentation software, here's a guide to the ten best software that we've uncovered for your video wall: 

1. Radian Flex

Radian Flex is a comprehensive video wall management software solution offering users increased control of their display quality and configuration. One of the defining features of Radian flex is that users don't need any proprietary hardware to use the software, saving them time and money in the long run. The software itself has several valuable features that AV enthusiasts can benefit from. Here's a list of some of the key features and benefits:

  • Real-time distributed visualization with multiple video signals: Users can share live feeds in modern formats across video wall systems internationally.
  • Advanced image processing: Users can improve their video quality with 4K playback rendering.
  • Networked visualization: Remote operation isn't a problem with this video wall software, as users can display content across networks from anywhere in the world!
  • Customized configuration: Users can easily configure their video wall in seconds as it doesn't require rendering. This can save presenters precious time when installing their video walls.

One of the critical cons of this product has to do with the price. In terms of accessibility, the Radian Flex isn't easy to access. Users will have to request this information from the retailer; however, this isn't uncommon across presentation software platforms.

2. Datapath

Datapath prides itself on offering video wall solutions ideal for all-size video wall projects. With solutions from the smallest to the largest project, Datapath includes all video wall production needs. This software solution platform offers a couple of types of video wall software, Aetria and Wall Control 10. Here's a comparison of both of their features:

  • Video wall control: Aetria and Window Control 10 offer comprehensive support for video wall control, including the control of multiple walls, multiple user regions, simultaneous user connections, user rights management and more. The only difference between the two is that Aetria offers a sitemap, browser-based interface, administration, workstation support, graphic server redundancy support, and redundant controller support, whereas Window Control 10 doesn't.
  • Content support: Aetria and Window Control 10 support the same content support features apart from automatic IP camera discovery, folder system by sources, and filter by source type.
  • Templates and layouts: Aetria and Window Control 10 offer comprehensive templates and layout solutions, including saving and recalling layouts, template editor and more. Window Control 10, however, doesn't offer centralized layouts for endpoints, template naming and addressing or centralized templates.

While both options offer comprehensive solutions, with the main target being control rooms, price availability is one of the significant cons for potential customers. Additionally, customers may be at a disadvantage control-wise if they choose Window Control 10 over Aetria, both solutions have key beneficial features that give customers more control over their video wall.


3. Intuiface

Intuiface proclaims itself as a market leader for video wall software that can offer customers comprehensive presentation control. One of the main benefits of Intuiface is that users don't have to use a single line of code to take their project to the next level, meaning this software is hugely accessible to all users. Additionally, users can book a free demo with their software, allowing them to decide whether the solution is suitable for their project before reaching for their wallet. Here's a guide to some of the key features on the platform that apply directly to video walls:

  • Composer: Composer is a windows based tool where users can create interactive experiences. Users can incorporate their templates and designs, giving them greater control which is a significant benefit.
  • Player: The player is the engine room of the platform when it comes to interactive experiences. This software allows users to run their display on all devices.
  • Share and Deploy: The share and deploy feature allows users to share the content and configuration generated across all networked devices.
  • Analytics: This additional feature allows users to measure interactivity with their video wall, helping them measure results and prepare for their next project.

Despite offering users a code-free platform to navigate their video wall, one of the significant disadvantages of this platform is that it potentially has unnecessary features for anyone producing presentations that don't want to measure analytics or interactivity, thus wasting a percentage of their fee. However, this platform is comprehensive, so it is suitable for users wanting to conduct market research and optimize their displays for future use.

4. DXWallControl

DXWallControl is DEXON's user interface for video wall control. This solution works in unison with Dexon's video wall controller and is ideal for any user seeking more control of their video wall systems. The software is an intelligent user interface that runs locally or on remote networks, offering users greater project flexibility. Some features include:

  • Drag and drop operation
  • Compatibility with Microsoft programs
  • Compatible with any web browser
  • Offers overlays from different inputs

Despite the positive features of DXWallControl, some consumers may regard the fact that we must use this in collaboration with the DEXON video wall controller as a disadvantage for budgeting purposes. However, consumers can discuss this pricing with DEXON directly.


5. UltimateVS

Ultimate VS is beneficial for AV enthusiasts that value simplicity over fancy features. UltimateVS proclaims itself as a solution that prioritizes client needs, making it a unique, customizable solution that benefits individual projects. Here are some of the platform's main features and benefits:

  • Templates: One of the critical benefits of Ultimate VS's platform is that it allows users to quickly make video wall templates with a simple drag-and-drop feature. This makes the platform incredibly efficient and ensures presenters can create layouts in moments.
  • Users: The platform offers complete user rights management and activity logging, giving users greater visibility of their projects. Users can restrict access for specific users, enhancing data security and user accountability.
  • Remote control: This software offers users complete functionality, with access rights for remote control web pages.

Although the platform is straightforward to use, some users may regard it as too simple. Still, Ultimate VS does offer live virtual or in-person demos so consumers can get the most out of such a simplistic platform. Pricing, once again, is available upon request.

IP Wall

6. Hiperwall

Hiperwell claims that its video wall software is a market leader that aims to reduce costs, increase efficiency and give users ultimate control over their video wall management. Additionally, the site indicates that their solution can save space for presenters, reduce energy consumption and lead to better cable management.

Additionally, Hiperwell is beneficial for all video wall sizes and tailors solutions for both big and small video wall projects. Here's a guide to some of the key features users can find on the Hiperwall essentials package:

  • HiperController license
  • HiperOperator license
  • Four HiperView HD licenses
  • Advanced system control with administrative features
  • Operator-level content sharing with remote access
  • Output for four HD displays
  • Four simultaneous IP source support
  • A year of Hiperwall maintenance for access to the latest technology and system optimization

As you can see, Hiperwell offers a complete solution for video wall control, even on its most basic package. These features allow users to make quicker video wall control decisions, display real-time data for increased awareness, and collaborate on projects.

One of the more significant disadvantages of the essentials package is that users have to pay for upgrades and maintenance. In contrast, users on premium packages access these services for free, meaning this option might not be the most cost-effective solution for consumers.

7. Barco

Barco claims that its video wall management solution is the next generation of software. Barco's video wall software allows users to control all the essential parts of their video wall, including configuration, setting up and maintenance.

One of the key benefits of their software is that it's specifically designed to improve user experience. Additionally, their new software is more intuitive and faster, meaning users can reduce their running time. Here are some of the main features of Barco's video wall software:

  • Easy installation with installation wizard: The software comes with an easy installation wizard, with a step-by-step process that ensures anyone, no matter their AV skill level, can configure their video wall for presentation purposes.
  • Immediate warranty activation: Unlike other software packages, the warranty for this package activates immediately after installation, so users can access quick support in case their software doesn't work.
  • Image quality guarding: Barco's proprietary Sense X automatic calibration system guards the system's image quality, perfectly calibrates the image immediately and adjusts the wall to lighting conditions which can be highly beneficial for presentation quality.
  • Embedded security: Barco solves several vulnerability issues significant for presenters operating in security industries. Users can set customized passwords, encrypt their information, and continually update their systems.

Users can again request a demo from Barco to access pricing, which may raise accessibility questions for users.

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8. DXWebControl

Here's another impressive technology that Dexon offers regarding video wall control. Alongside DXWallControl, users can download DXWebControl, which allows them to control their video wall from remote web browsers.

These features allow users to control their Dexon video wall controller from many devices, including their mobile phone or tablet, Windows, IOS, Android or Linux devices.

Here are some other features of this software option:

  • Layout management and control for time-saving and efficiency purposes
  • Users can make use of pre-designed layouts
  • The software is user-friendly and available in many languages, including German, Russian, French and Japanese.

Again, like DXWallControl, users need a Dexon video wall controller to operate this technology, which may cost more than purely software-based solutions. Still, users get a lot of bang for their buck with this solution.

9. Userful

Userful marks itself as an all-in-one solution for video wall presenters. This system claims to improve collaboration, remote access, and scalability while providing real-time data streaming, allowing presenters to stage a dynamic and impactful presentation.

Userful has an impressive partnership portfolio with some big names, including Nestle, Deloitte, Ford, Comcast and HP. Here are some of the main features you'll find on their presentation software:

  • Remote operation
  • Drag and drop management
  • Connectivity to any display
  • Real-time streaming
  • Elimination of proprietary hardware.

By eliminating proprietary hardware, uniting remote operators and utilizing a simple drag-and-drop function, Userful has undoubtedly made video wall presentation software more accessible. To access Useful pricing, consumers need to request a quote directly from the website, which may pose a disadvantage for consumers seeking immediate price transparency.

10. MatroxMuracontrol

Matrox Muracontrol labels its software as a premium solution that is low-cost and intuitive. This software enables use for both Windows and Microsoft systems and is a simple and easy-to-use single-license software.

Like other simplistic software for presentations, users can control their video wall configuration with drag and drop, meaning users benefit from an accessible platform. Users can also manage their video wall layouts in real-time or offline, making it a flexible platform for all users. Here are some notable features of this control solution:

  • Compatible with tablet devices that can be used as a control station
  • Users can create and save presets
  • Users benefit from an upgrade and support system
  • Color Correction and multilingual text overlay availability

One of the more significant downsides to this option is that the software appears to be only compatible with Matrox graphics configurations, but these are easily accessible for consumers. Users benefit from a free 21-day trial for Windows devices, but users have to use Mura MPX Series, Mura IPX Series, or C-Series hardware, making the solution inaccessible for some.

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Final thoughts

If you're on the hunt for presentation technology that can take your video wall display to the next level, check out DEXON's video wall technology now. We have a vast range of intuitive and accessible products that are easy to use and can revolutionize your display. Contact us today to find out more.

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