Top 15 System Integrator Companies in the World

While some systems may be as simple as ‘plug and play’, in some scenarios, you’ll need a comprehensive and integrated solution to ensure that your AV systems work collaboratively to deliver the best standard of service possible. The people responsible for ensuring that your systems can do this are known as system integrators.

System integrator companies are useful resources for business owners and professionals who want to get more out of their audio-visual systems. DEXON Systems works collaboratively with system integrators to ensure our video wall processors, controllers and matrix switchers can deliver to our customer’s expectations, no matter their event or usage requirements.

 To help you understand what system integrators have to offer, we’ve compiled this guide of the top 15 system integrator companies that we think you should be paying attention to in 2022.

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Which are the top system integrator companies in the world?

Although all of these companies provide systems integration services, they also offer a wide range of AV services that include equipment supply, maintenance and so much more! To find out the best qualities and features of these businesses, keep reading!

System Integrator Companies


AVI-SPL is definitely the most widely known systems integration company currently. Founded in 1979, this company supplies AV systems integration worldwide to businesses and organizations that require video conferencing, telepresence, security systems and much more.

AVI-SPL aims to transform how businesses and AV enthusiasts interact with their technology, to ensure they get the best quality at all times.

2. Kinly

Kinly is another example of a global provider of AV support, services and equipment. This company specializes in providing integration and remote collaboration services, meaning this is your go-to company for all of your video conferencing needs!

Kinly are celebrated and recognized worldwide for their solutions for meeting rooms, and digital services that allow businesses to collaborate with ease. Kinly prides itself on providing systems integration that is designed to scale with a business, allowing workspaces to operate at a high pace at all times.

This systems integrator also boasts a huge portfolio of clients, including the Erasmus University, Bloomberg, Honda, Shell, AXA and more!

3. Solotech inc.

Solotech is the self-proclaimed provider of state-of-the-art audio-visual solutions. This company specializes in providing integration for live events, providing all services for audio, video, lighting, rigging, control and collaboration. Solotech offers clients a wide-range of systems integration services that cover the business and hospitality sectors, entertainment and remote management. Within Solotech’s integration services, they also offer:

  • Video conferencing and collaboration systems
  • Acoustic panels
  • Digital signage, LED displays
  • Video walls
  • Projection
  • Rigging and infrastructure.

4. Avidex

Continuing on the global trend, Avidex is a pro-AV integrator dedicated to delivering collaborative AV solutions. These specialists primarily concentrate on design, building and servicing AV solutions, meaning they’re ideal all rounders if you’re looking for a systems integrator.

Avidex ranges from strategic planning and design to deployment and training, meaning you’ll be receiving an end-to-end service with this company. Avidex states that it can cater to a huge range of settings, such as corporate settings, the public sector, hospitality, healthcare and even education.

System Integrator Companies

5. Alpha Video & Audio Inc.

Based in the United States, Alpha Video & Audio Inc are a systems integration company that truly does it all. Providing solution designs to ensure organizations can meet their production and collaboration goals to support services to tackle any unexpected problems, this company supplies a comprehensive service that is suitable for most AV projects. Alpha Video & Audio inc provides an in-depth guide to it’s process, here’s a quick guide:

  • Design reviews to ensure solutions fit the client’s requirements
  • Advanced planning
  • High-quality installation
  • Adherence to industry best-practices for a smooth installation

Currently, Alpha Video & Audio adhere to a five step process in its systems integration, so customers can expect a thorough service with this company.

6. Strive AV

Strive AV is an award winning systems integration company providing global AV services. This company is another example that provides an end-to-end service, starting from the development phase and lasting to integration and maintenance phases.

Strive prices itself on its intensive industry knowledge, allowing it to provide user-friendly interfaces for a vast list of industries and settings. What sets Strive apart is that this company is able to provide integration services and support for projects of all sizes, so even if your project is small, they can help you transform this into a high-production value experience. 

7. CT Group

Catering to the European market, CT Group in Spain delivers a comprehensive integration service that provides for all clients in retail, entertainment, conferience, transport and healthcare settings.

This company also offers its integration services to global customers including the Middle East, Asia and more. CT uses innovative technology to provide their customers with an immersive experience. They pride themselves on basing their technological decisions entirely on their customer’s needs, so they receive the best quality products for their exact projects. CT Group provides:

  • IPTV
  • Digital Signage
  • Conference rooms
  • Display
  • Control systems integration

CT Group is listed as a top company for their large list of services that include extended reality, virtual events, video and media systems, staging, display and much more!


8. New Era Technology

Listed as a top company due to their list of household name partners like Microsoft, Cisco, Logitech and Amazon Web Services, New Era Technology provides end-to-end systems integration services for clients across the market.

This is a global company that has over 60 offices and nearly 3000 global employees. Alongside their impressive list of partners, this company has over 25 years of  experience in providing AV services and systems integration, so they’re certainly a company that you can trust!

With their systems integration services, this company also provides support and expertise in video conferencing, collaboration and cloud-based services!

System Integrator Companies

9. CCS Presentation Systems

CCS Presentation Systems is a top 15 systems integrator company due to its range of listed services. Based in the United States and operating in 25 locations, this company boasts a large range of integration services that include training, AV equipment maintenance, room control systems and conferencing support.

CCS is also a well-known AV equipment provider that supplies high quality AV technology such as LCD displays, projectors, interactive whiteboard and audio equipment.

10. Solutionz inc.

If you’re looking for integration services in Minnesota, look no further than Solutionz Inc. This AV systems integration company currently offers customers a thorough integration consultation, allowing them to establish your most important goals and providing integration services to help you achieve them.

This company offers integrated solutions for conference rooms, sound systems, digital signage and command control centers, making them the perfect company for a huge range of industries. You can also rely on Solutionz to supply you with equipment from several reputable sources including LG Displays and EPSON.

11. Vistacom

Standing at number 11 as one of the oldest and most established AV systems integration companies is Vistacom. Vistacom was founded in 1954 and has evolved into one of the biggest and best AV companies currently operational in the United States of America.

Vistacom believes its services are market leaders, providing intensive integration services designed to optimize business communications and virtual conferencing. Vistacom has experience working in the education and corporate sector, healthcare, security and hospitality and entertainment industries.

That means you can rely on their expertise to provide you with customized AV solutions optimized for your industry.


CINOS is a well-known global integration provider with over a decade of industry experience. This company is currently operational in Asia, North America and Europe, providing a wide reach for all customers.

CINOS provides integration solutions for most AV projects including video wall displays, interactive whiteboards, control rooms, conference rooms and more. Similar to other listed companies, CINOS has many years of experience working in partnership with industries like gogenments, healthcare, corporate and education.

System Integrator Companies

13. Ford AV

Ford AV is one of the best global options for all enterprise-level solutions. This systems integrator provides integration solutions designed to lower operational costs and help improve communication.

This company is listed as a top 15 system integrator due to their vast array of digital services and global reach. Currently, Ford AV operates in 27 locations with over 50 project managers, 100+ engineers and many hundreds of employees.Ford AV takes pride in designing customized AV solutions, as well as installing high-quality AV systems designed to increase display quality. 

14. VSGI

Labeling themselves as a premium business supplying audio visual integration services for executive boardrooms, classrooms and more, VSGI is a perfect example of a company that helps businesses improve their user experience.

VSGI claims to help their customers transform their collaboration and communication techniques with user-friendly technology. This company prides itself on an impressive portfolio that shows they can produce AV systems that work together seamlessly.

For nearly three decades, this company has been providing extensive integration services to so many industries, specializing in supporting business objectives and reaching wider business goals.

VSGIs most popular integration projects include meeting rooms and huddle spaces, video walls, boardroom, distance learning, cloud-based services, and auditoriums. 

15.  ITSL

Of course, there are several system integrator companies in the United Kingdom that offer comprehensive services, but ITSL is listed as a top 15 due to its experience working with FTSE100 companies and high profile clients.

 ITSL is a full-service AV technology company that provides integration and project fulfillment services to a huge list of clients. Working with household names including BP and Shell, ITSL has intensive experience in fulfilling projects that require flexible and innovative AV solutions.

ITSL can provide AV consultancy including equipment procurement, design and specification, AV support and installation services for all settings. As well as their extensive range of services, ITSL prides itself on its competitive prices and value for money.

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