What Is Seamless Switching?

 What is seamless switching technology?

Seamless switching technology has been developed for demanding AV visualization projects to display video source changes in an elegant and smooth way. The video source switch and display are performed by hardware FPGA devices under the vertical synchron pulse time. The audience does not see any distortion or black frame so perfect customer satisfaction is guaranteed. The seamless switch technology is perfect for presentation switchers or controllers used in board rooms or show room projects.

The pro-AV industry offers more and more fascinating solutions to the market for different applications to provide the most suitable option to its users. This enormous range of models offer a great choice to AV integrators and end users, but certainly there are many details to watch out for if you want to purchase the best possible solution to your application. One of these red flags in the industry is the so-called seamless switching effect that divides the market in terms of high-end solutions.

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Seamless switching is a unique presentation effect used in the pro AV industry by different products like presentation switchers, presentation matrices and video processors. It generally delivers a glitch-free switch between two different input videos to be displayed. This means no black frames or distortion between images of displayed videos over an output screen or video wall.

This captivating switching function enables a zero second switching to provide a smooth and precise result over your screens. Some low-end models generally cannot perform the perfect seamless switching because there is a black screen appearing in between videos being displayed or the switch causes signal loss.

How does it work? 

Seamless switching means that we change the frame of input video A and video B under the vertical synchron time.

This best-in-class effect has perfect transition of the signals, meaning no distortion and no black frames. Practically this is perfect switch with zero latency because the change of input frame A to input B is performed during the VSYNC, i.e. the vertical synchron signal active period. This operation is performed by complex hardware FPGA devices.


Seamless Switching VSYNC Signal

 Therefore, the video or image quality is not impacted by any frame losses and glitches over the display which gives you a comfortable visual sight as well as fantastic and clear video quality.

Seamless Switching GIF DEXON

What devices use seamless switch technology?

Nowadays, this technology is integrated into several models by AV manufacturers. Mostly, it can be found in presentation switchers, presentation matrices and video processors. High quality AV product manufacturers can provide the perfect solution in demanding equipment.

Precise product development must take care of different signal types, different resolutions and formats to unify and handle carefully. The careful system integrator must serve the end-user project with the best suited solution as the end-users must experience perfect customer satisfaction. The service and the product allow the option of long demonstrations without tired visitors.

Who utilizes seamless switch technology?

Seamless switching can be a basic requirement in any environment where collaboration takes place on a shared video wall and real time video solutions are used daily. Generally, this effect is used in a wide variety of industries. Especially, in show rooms and demonstration areas where day-long video contents are broadcasted and visualized. It is rather crucial to ensure that the switch between different inputs does not cause any delay nor unstable video signals or even worse, any signal loss.

Where do we meet seamless switch technology?

This technology is broadly used in show rooms, board rooms, conference centers and LED display walls where we wish to provide a visually appealing solution to our customers and audiences for a better experience. If you wish to know more about AV industry application areas, you can read more here.

To summarize, for an efficient AV solution, you need to find a trusted partner who can deliver your requirements and can provide you with a suitable model that checks all your boxes! At DEXON we pay attention to Visual Quality Innovation and deliver a reliable solution to you customized to your AV needs. We do not glitch, we seamless switch!

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