DEXON Wins Over AVEVA’s 8K LED Wall – A Short Success Story

DEXON Wins Over AVEVA’s 8K LED Wall – A Short Success Story


Dolphin Media installed an attractive 8K LED wall for Cambridge based AVEVA Group. The project used DEXON Systems’ DVP500-Pro 4K60 video processor as an all-in-one solution with unparalleled video quality.

AVEVA, Cambridge, United Kingdom



Basically, in the AV industry, you only need three components that work in a symbiosis to reach ultimate success. Meaning a good integrator, a determined end-user and certainly a successful supplier with an excellent solution. This opens the door to a smooth cooperation between three parties where everyone will be satisfied in long-term.

Outstanding LED Wall Project Serving the Demanding End-User

The story started when AVEVA decided to install an attractive LED wall in a new presentation and showcase area and selected Dolphin Media & Design for the implementation. This integrator firm was founded in 2002, based in the United Kingdom. They are specialized in audio visual, system design and installations. They are committed to provide technically advanced presentation environments. Additionally, ease of use is paramount in Dolphin Media’s design culture.

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AVEVA Group plc is a British multinational information technology company headquartered in Cambridge, England and was founded in 1967. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index with a revenue of 766.6M GBP in 2019. AVEVA offers a variety of subscription options with edge-to-cloud integration and advanced visualization, to simplify and streamline the design, consumption, and management of any industrial applications.


The best solution needs to be picked from the right manufacturer


DEXON Systems’ DVP500-Pro was installed as part of the solution to perform the custom output scaling for the LED wall. The DIVIP video processor family contains 4U, 7U and even 14U high modular chassis to build custom configurations for demanding AV projects.

These all-in-one box solutions offer unparalleled video experience with real time scaling, seamless switch, fading, OSD and PIP services. This DVP500-Pro 4U high video processor has been selected because of the smooth 4K60 4:4:4 signal handling, custom output resolution and unlimited scaling capabilities resulting in crystal clear, quality images over any video wall.



AVEVA image


Details of the perfect technical solution

The LED wall was slightly smaller than true 8K in width so the 4K outputs from the Coolux media server required some custom scaling to get them to fit perfectly within the LED canvas. During the installation an additional input board was added to the system because it became quickly apparent that the Coolux media server did not support HDCP on its capture cards. This was a big issue as their user had both satellite television and Apple Mac computers as inputs. The DEXON video processor handled all of these sources in the end and also performed all the PIP positioning and sizing which originally was planned to happen in the Coolux.



DVP500-Pro 4K60

The all-in-one video processor with 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 support on both inputs and outputs with the ability to custom scale output channels.

 DVP500 Video Processor


How to know your project is a success?

DEXON Systems as world-wide operating video wall processor manufacturer supplied the DVP500-Pro product and supported the installation through AVM Ltd, which is the UK distributor for the complete DEXON product range.

“Both the integrator and the end user could not believe the quality of the scaling delivered by the DEXON video processor and both confirmed that this DEXON model played a significant role in the success of the project. The installation would not have worked as it was planned if DVP500 device was not so flexible and customizable. This also led Dolphin Media & Design to refer more AV installations to DEXON Systems since 2019.” 

Andrew Rothery, Business Development Manager


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