Where DEXON Meets the Future

Where DEXON Meets the Future

As the complex environment of the air force industry is rapidly evolving, BAE Systems as owner of this installation needed to implement significant changes to keep up with the trends.

BAE Systems, Warton, United Kingdom

BAE Case Study DEXON

Meeting a giant in the defense industry

Our success story covers a well-known company, who is not only present in the field of aerospace and security, but also in global defense. They are known for the wide variety of products and services in many areas you can image, meaning air, land and navy. They are also familiar with the fields of electronics, security, IT and support services. This company employs over 80 000 people globally and has a revenue of over 16 billion pounds.

BAE Factory of the Future

BAE Systems and the UK’s aerospace, defense and security sector is world leading, employing thousands of people and supporting many more jobs through the supply chain across the country. Together the sector generates £79 billion in turnover, supporting the economy while ensuring security to its citizens. In order to draw the attention of the market and make their long-lasting foot print,  they decided to invest in a project called “Factory of the Future”.

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 BAE - Factory of the future


This is designed to demonstrate their superior manufacturing know-how and in order to impress the crowds by exhibiting their factory, reflecting on innovation in the field of aerospace. The new facility at BAE Systems’ site in Warton, Lancashire, is the result of a multi-million pound investment and collaboration with more than 40 blue chip and SME companies along with academic institutions. The factory also demonstrates a new approach to the way humans and machines can operate together.

DAVE Holmes, BAE

"Driving our manufacturing capabilities forward as we prepare for the fourth Industrial Revolution, will sustain and develop critical skillsets and ensure we can continue to deliver military capability to address future threats, whilst improving productivity and delivering value for money for our customers."

Beyond 21st century approach

To succeed with this project, the company needed to partner with an additional technological company who could help them keep up with the ever-changing world of video walls. Here is where DEXON Systems come into picture. Such technology drives greater productivity by allowing operators to focus on more highlyskilled and strategic tasks and production managers to oversee operations from a fully digitized, virtual office. The purpose was to keep the advanced technological position of the Combat Air sector in the UK while remaining costefficient.

Can challenges be served by any high-tech solution? 

When DEXON Systems had the chance to listen to the needs and requirements of the client, it was jointly decided that DEXON’S video wall controller would entirely reach the desired outcome. The model installed is very flexible and serves as a long-term investment due to the fact that it does not need a design change even though the client requirements may alter during the upcoming years. This device is most capable of protecting confidential data, it is truly one of DEXON’s most trusted products.

BAE Case Study DEXON

Listen and adapt

The client needs were prioritized by understanding the purpose of the project, which led to integrating significant customized features. These updates allowed the client to manage the wall easier, they received a high-quality signal and a reliable system for the daily operation. The client received a trustworthy DEXON solution that they can rely on as a long-term solution.

We focus on long-term

The well-known DXN5400 video wall controller family’s largest 64x32 chassis was acquired to this project that gives modular future upgrade possibility. The system drives 12 monitor screens simultaneously at any combination, a single large LFD and a large touch enabled display. The controller forms one coherent Windows 10 graphics desktop rendering graphics windows and displays live video overlays over this large video wall surface.

Unlimited input video scaling and real time display give an outstanding user experience during product presentations and trainings. As this was a very special project with diverse requirements, together with the client, a selection of layouts was created in order to test the system, enabling all desired customization aspects.

Once the final settings were understood by both parties, the system was upgraded including the addition of a dynamic window control via an AMX control system. This allowed the client to display any sources anywhere by the AMX touch screen controller, giving additional freedom and vision to them to maximize their experience.

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