The Center of Endless Opportunities

The Center of Endless Opportunities

Master installation developed for 4 modular macro environments, able to formulate up to 39 rooms, to manage small meetings or conferences for up to 4,700 participants. DEXON Systems' DIMAX intelligent matrix switchers work as central elements in this rather big and complex system.

Palacongressi di Rimini, Rimini, Italy

 The Palacongressi di Rimini is the largest conference center in Italy, with unique characteristics in terms of architecture with a very original structure, recognized among the most impressive ones in Europe. The Palacongressi di Rimini, inaugurated in 2011, was designed by the architect Volkwin Marg. The venue is characterized by two main interconnected buildings and by grandiose windows through which natural light brightens the rooms, making each event more pleasant, livable, engaging and comfortable.

Rimini - Conference Image

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The most valuable aesthetic feature of the work is the natural light that illuminates both the common areas and the rooms. It is designed and built with respect for the environment, technological innovation and flexibility of use. The development of the congress sector in Rimini began in the mid-seventies. The birth of the Rimini Riviera Convention Bureau in 1994, today the Rimini Fiera spa Event & Conference Business Unit, together with investments such as the construction of the new Palacongressi in Rimini, show that the area has decided to believe in the city's congress future.

Conference Center 2 

Palacongressi di Rimini, Italy

Modern, modular, comfortable, technological, elegant, eco-sustainable, supportive. The place where your events become unique.

Modular Room

From small spaces to 4,700 seats managed in a single environment.

 Conference Center  inside


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Today, flexibility of use with the possibility of hosting numerous events at the same time, modularity of congress and exhibition spaces, excellent provision of underground car parking and strong attention to the environment make this center the ultimate place for hosting modern conferences and events.

The Palacongressi di Rimini is a condensation of technologies with the aim of satisfying every request from a demanding market oriented towards the use of the most modern and updated tools and equipment. The general direction of the conference technologies allows to connect all the halls with each other, but also allows to be controlled from outside with dedicated lines. The video communication system is present in all common areas, ensuring the viewing of images, films, live video footage, messages, commercials, etc. The direction also allows you to manage the video conferencing system for connection with other conference centers and any other video signal source.

"The Palacongressi has an 11,000 m2 exhibition area - says Andrea Ricci of IEG, who describes the Palacongressi in detail. - There are 39 modular rooms, well equipped, with soundproof walls, ideal for parallel seating of various types. A flexibility that allows us to organize events for spaces ranging from 20 seats to 4,700 allowed by the Sala della Piazza. We have rooms that modulate their capacity, creating environments, with refined furnishings with an impeccable Italian style. We wanted to equip them with a cutting-edge technological system thanks to which, today, we are able to control all the rooms in a simple way and easily manage events of all kinds simultaneously." 


In this article we are going to present key points and describe a successful example of a revolutionary upgrade in the entire technology park of a convention center. There are several well-known figures who took part in bringing this spectacular structure to life, from Project Manager Srdjan Simeunovic to Andrea Ricci, Technology Coordinator of IEG (Italian Exhibition Group), one of the main fair and congress operators, in collaboration with the designer Stefan Ivanovic and Eng. Enrico Borghesi, AV Pro Channel Manager of COMM-TEC.

A project of great reputation, without interrupting any of the services in the center while upgrading from analog to digital platforms, as Project Manager Srdjan Simeunovic explains:

After careful analysis, to stay keeping up with the times and the needs of the center, it was time to give new life to the Palacongressi in Rimini. There was a strong need for an IP-based video system, which was flexible enough, capable of managing not only live video streaming, but also Video on Demand and Digital Signage. Furthermore, the system had to be easy to use and able to quickly cope with different organizational needs".





DEXON Device Images


Andrea Ricci added that the team was rather satisfied after testing the scenarios live as it was proven to easily adapt to any kinds of environmental and technological changes. A case of such success spreads quickly which inspired multiple similar installations such as the Fiera di Rimini conference center.

Conference StageDistribution of video signals in line with the new standards: DEXON Matrix at the center of it all 

When referring to a conference center, it is easy to imagine that a crowded place is spoken of where usually several events are organized in parallel that often require high-level AV capabilities. This is confirmed by Enrico Borghesi, who immediately gets to the heart of the technical predisposition of the equipment:

One of the needs to be included in the design was linked to the distribution of video signals with equipment that guaranteed to be in line with the new current video standards : HDMI 2.0, Display Port 1.2. In this case, in order to simplify the switching as much as possible, the best solution was to propose the DEXON matrix, in the 4K version, scaled and seamless."

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Original Italian Article: Isidoro Ermocida

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