Multifunctional Auditorium Supported by a DEXON Matrix

The LUMSA University, with multiple locations in Rome, Palermo and Taranto, has renewed the technological equipment of the conference room of their Rome location, which in 2000 hosted the Press Center of the Roman Jubilee Agency. Characterized by a very particular and valuable architecture, this classroom now proposes itself as a fully digital multifunctional space. The conference room of the LUMSA University was the subject, in May 2020, just after the lockdown, of an important renovation of the multimedia systems.

Lumsa University

Already in 2000, on the occasion of the Jubilee, the complex was the subject of high-level technical interventions, since it was designed, at the time, to accommodate journalists, photojournalists and radio and television operators to report jubilee events to the whole world. This year's restyling was carried out from a technical point of view by Delta Tecno Studio. After 20 years, the technology park was to be renewed to fulfill its purpose to serve international conferences, teaching and e-learning, certainly with an eye to the unprecedented situation linked to the

Lumsa University

Covid-19 pandemic, but also - in a broader sense - "to support its mission with the best technologies", in the words of Vincenzo Lezzi, System Manager. We can define the 'tripartite' system: three technological areas of intervention - Video, Audio and Projection - and three functional spaces - speakers' table, podium and audience. The speakers' table is set up with various PCs and monitors that allow teachers to manage lessons or conferences.

The podium is available for the graduate students, who from that position can discuss his thesis supporting himself with multimedia contributions that can be shared via video projection. Both the podium and the table are equipped with conference microphones. It is equipped with a speaker, capable of spreading the sound evenly and making speech clear and intelligible, not only for the public but also for the lecturers. A control room allows you to control the entire system in the case of conventions, conferences or international events, with four simultaneous translation booths.

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The challenge

Technologically renovating a classroom unique of its kind we turn to Lezzi to better frame the terms of a challenge that has arisen, to the integrator Delta Tecno Studio. It is to be perceived as a far difficult installation, just after the two-month lockdown that affected the entire country.

"It was a question of completely renewing multimedia technologies - explains Lezzi - or carrying out a transition from the old analogue technologies that the room was equipped with towards the most modern digital technologies, which means intervening deeply not only in the replacement and integration of new equipment, but also on the transport and signal management systems. For this reason, the works also had an impact on the infrastructures, but taking absolute care to safeguard the original architectural elements, of great value. " Dario Zanotti

The owner of Delta Tecno Studio, Dario Zanotti, illustrates the work done in this way: "We are talking about a historic University of Rome, and a classroom that was very important during the Jubilee of 2000, with precise architectural constraints. In particular, we faced with critical elements such as the very large windows on the sides of the classroom and the irregularly shaped metal ceiling, a truly unique feature of this structure." Delta Tecno Studio's intervention has radically updated the technological equipment of the classroom.

As Dario Zanotti says, "we have gone from Composite / VGA to HDMI 4K ready. I like to talk about this type of intervention as refitting." And the refit for the LUMSA University conference room was a notable refit also for the particular period in which it took place. "We had already had the job before the lockdown - admits Dario Zanotti - but we were able to work only after the reopening, in May, with great difficulty. To comply with the safety parameters, we could work only five hours a day, and of course with masks and protectors. Thanks to the commitment and professionalism of all members of the team, we still managed to deliver the work at the beginning of June, perfectly on time ".

The solution

Audio, video and projection for a truly multifunctional classroom. The idea of ​​the University was to have an environment suitable both for the discussion of degree theses and for the organization of conferences and videoconferences, complete with simultaneous translation . Delta Tecno Studio has therefore set up a speakers' table equipped with everything necessary for the management of conferences and lectures, a podium for the student who discusses his thesis, placed in front of the speakers, and a control room which includes all the signals A / V "collected" from the room. Let's see the individual aspects of this radical refitting.

LumsaThe Aula Magna of the LUMSA University; the University's idea was to have a suitable environment both for the discussion of degree theses and for the organization of conferences and videoconferences


The beating heart of the video part of the solution designed by Delta Tecno Studio is a EXON DIMAX 16x16 matrix, which supports all currently used video standards, including HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 up to 4k @ 60 RGB 4: 4: 4. Distributed in Italy by Comm-Tec Exertis, DEXON has been, since 1990, one of the most important brands for system integration, thanks to its matrices and its innovative video wall solutions. The signals of three Full HD PTZ cameras installed in different points of the classroom converge in the DIMAX 16x16 matrix, as well as (in HDBaseT) the signals of the PCs placed on the speakers' table and on the podium, the space intended for the student who discusses the thesis.

Video Architecture

Scheme of the system created by Delta Tecno Studio for the overall management of the A / V signals of the multipurpose classroom, which can be used for conferences and discussions in the presence as well as for the recording / streaming of events. The control room allows you to manage all the signals

Finally, the control room PCs (via HDMI) also converge in the matrix, essential when using the room for conferences or conventions, even with remote interventions. Thanks to output scaling, seamless switching and picture-in-picture, peripheral management is optimized and more functionality is provided. The system, however, also provides the ability to record and stream up to 6 simultaneous video sources, with Epiphan Pearl 2.

An all-in-one recording and streaming system, capable of managing up to 6 simultaneous video sources, which allows in an easy way to broadcast, mix and record live in 4K. Thanks to the integration with the Kaltura and Panopto CMSs, in fact, it does not require complicated stream URLs for configuration. Simply schedule the live event and start streaming.



"We are very satisfied with the quality of the intervention carried out, which we were able to complete with precision within the established times and which we are already using in full functionality." - Vincenzo Lezzi



Client satisfaction: classroom already used at full capacity

The new audio broadcasting system was required to eliminate any echo and reverberation phenomenon; laser video projection renders perfectly purity and precision of images; the very high resolution motorized video cameras, the simultaneous translation system with special booths and the centralized control room are the other strengths of this modernization. We are very satisfied with the quality of the intervention carried out, which we were able to complete with precision within the established times and which we are already using according to full functionality.


Lumsa Uni Control

The technical equipment of the control room includes a DEXON 16x16 matrix, a Yamaha TF1 audio mixer, an Epiphan Pearl 2 for recording and streaming, two Yamaha MSP 3 monitors.

The technical staff of the LUMSA Information Systems Sector is able to manage the entire system directly from the room, equipped with all the necessary devices to record, broadcast live streaming and videoconference the works taking place inside the convention center. "The devices adopted - continues Lezzi - easily allow the virtual extension of the room, or the possibility that the works are followed in real time by any other classroom of the University and vice versa. In fact, the University has recently adapted all its teaching rooms to the synchronous and asynchronous filming of teaching activities, via motorized cameras and touch personal computers. "


Right, clockwise: Yamaha TF1 audio mixer; multifunction pit to connect peripherals to the system; control room racks; Epiphan Pearl 2; Dexon DIMAX matrix.

As a whole, the LUMSA University conference room is an excellent example of a cutting-edge environment, rich in advanced features but simple to manage and use. After this 'refitting', to use the term used by Dario Zanotti, she is ready for the most demanding challenges of this delicate phase of the pandemic: "The technologies of shooting, projection, image and sound distribution" - adds Lezzi - they have proved to be very adequate and opportune in this period in which technology is called to fill, in some way, the limitations on personal contact imposed by the Covid-19 epidemic. "

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