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This case study reflects to a DEXON DXN5000 video wall controller installation which was provided to Norge Posten to have a centralized and complete supervision of their industrial process in terms of managing packages and rails.

Posten was founded in 1647 as Postvesenet ("the postal system"), Postvesenet was privately run until 1719, when the state took over. In 1888 a new postal law was introduced which expanded the monopoly to the entire country. In 2002 Norway Post acquired 57% of the shares of a private Swedish postal company, CityMail and acquired the remaining 43% in the first quarter of 2006.


Norway Post also partly owns NorCargo as well as Frigoscandia, Pan Nordic Logistics, Scanex B.V., NettlastHadeland, many of which have their own subsidiaries. The Group’s turnover as per the third quarter amounted to MNOK 17 721 and adjusted operating profit MNOK 530 in the third quarter of  2019.

The Group has over 15 000 highly skilled workers with a headquarter located in Oslo. In addition to approximately 1 400 points of sale in Norway, in the form of regular and instore post offices.

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By virtue of its activities, Norway Post is a significant social actor and has been given an important social mission in the license from the Ministry of Transport and Communications. On a commercial basis, the group conducts postal and logistics activities, as well as other activities that are directly related to this.

Norway Post has a fine-meshed network consisting of almost 3,000 locations across the country. Outstandingly, Norway Post is in fifth place among Norway's 25 most innovative companies.


The aim of this installation was to enhance centralized supervision of processing packages daily.

The best fit for this project was DEXON's DXN5800. This device features PIP4, IP decoding which was necessary to have an overview of the package rail inside the main office building. This solution serves to display IP camera pictures rendered over the video wall of 8 screens for the operators to be able to supervise the process. This means transportation, selection of small and big postal packages, ensuring that the workflow is functioning smoothly.

Given that all information is visible in one place, provides great assistance for operators for total control. As a result, there is no need for stopping the package handling due to maintenance requirements.  Furthermore, these video controller families are designed for 24/7 operations offering a strong and trustworthy control over any workflow in such important fields of applications.

Norway Posten has been benefiting from this installation for over 4 years without any disturbance or interruption.

“We were very happy to find DEXON Systems' solution to upgrade our security control in our package rail rooms. They were able to customize the video wall controller to all of our requirements without any questions, enabling our operators to have a centralized overview of our industrial workflow.  It has been working flawlessly since and we are certain that this solution will be with us for many more years.”


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