Innovative Services

DEXON Systems' video wall controllers offer high-tech services for the crystal clear video experience.


Express Crossbar Technology

DEXON Systems' video wall controller family applies advanced crossbar technology to manage and display all digital and analogue input information in full digital form. This extremely high-speed internal system of links guarantees perfect quality and loss-less visualization of inputs. Multiple input sources are displayed real time on each output screen. High quality scaling ensures perfect visual experience for the video wall users.


Different resolution outputs mapped to standard Windows Desktop

DXN5000 multi-screen controllers draw Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 10 desktop over the wall surface. The desktop is fully Microsoft Windows compatible displaying standard application windows. It consists of channels with different resolutions where each of the screens can be mapped to any position over the wall surface. This custom-resolution service allows arbitrary overlapping of the screens.

Windows Desktop Area

Crystal video input processing and display

The DXWall servers display analogue composite video and S-video inputs over the wall. The video handling system performs professional de-interlacing and comb-filtering, thus the result is a crystal clear video image displayed in real time. Video windows can be zoomed in or out without any limitation while they can overlap any standard graphics or video window. Picture-in-picture capability means live video window display inside any other live video window. The system guarantees the real time visualization regardless of the number of input windows opened. The load of the system CPU is always zero since the video processing loads a separate proprietary Crystal Video bus.Video Input Display

Express universal input processing and display

The DXWall DXN5000 video wall servers offer revolutionary new visualization called Express Universal Input processing and display. The Express Universal feature guarantees real time visualization of multi-format inputs regardless of number of sources displayed over the wall. This results high quality picture for professional applications with zero load of the system CPU due to the proprietary Express Crossbar technology applied. The Express Universal inputs process the following signal standards on each input:

Remote screen's visualization through the LAN

DEXON controllers offer full software solution to display the screen area of remote operator workstations through the network. This NetComputer capability ensures cross-platform display of the operator workstations over the wall surface. Arbitrary zooming and window overlapping are possible.Remote Screen Control

Control of connected servers

The DXWall software system's Remote Input package controls multiple external servers. Keyboard and mouse of multiple remote devices can be controlled in centralized mode.

Bezel Compensation

DXWall system contains sophisticated bezel compensation for the control of LCD or plasma monitors. The bezel compensation provides fully mapped display of the graphics and video surface.Bezel Compensation

Output Gamma Correction

Special models of DXWall family offer output gamma correction function. Each output channel of the DXWall controller has a separate gamma curve set-up capability. Using this function the user can calibrate the best colours for each of the outputs that matches the characteristics of the output display device.Gamma Correction

Soft edge blending function

Certain models of DXWall family offer soft edge blending service to be used for multiple front projectors. This professional function offers gamma curve, black level compensation and soft edge blending curve set-up to each of the front projectors.
Soft Edge Blending

DXWall Software System

The DEXON DXWall software system offers advanced wall management services in order to give perfect solution for any video wall and control room visualization job. Client-server architecture based software packages provide local or remote wall management. Easy-to-use graphics user interfaces allow quick and efficient set up, control and supervision.

HTML5 based remote control interface

The DEXON controllers has HTML5 based remote control Graphics User Interface capability for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS operation systems and also compatible with all browser types. HTML5 is the most popular modern front-end web platform with fully responsive view. This means the screens are dynamically adjusted to different devices and browser sizes. GUI allows quick and effective control through mobile and tablet devices as well.Remote Control Interface

Interfacing of touch panels

DXWall controllers contain full featured interface for touch panel devices. The DXInterface program handles different touch panels and offers development support to manage and control the visualization of different format inputs over the wall.

Designed and verified for control room applications

DEXON's DXWall controllers' hardware and software system have been designed and verified for 24/7 operation in demanding control room environment.


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Seamless Switching


NetComputer Software Solution