DMX302x 4K60 Scaling Matrices at your fingertips!

The DIMAX302x matrices handle different input signals while switching and scaling them to any number of outputs. Outstanding services:

- 4K60 input and 4K60 output signal handling

- scaling of input signals to arbitrary output resolution

- Picture-in-Picture display of second input to any outputs

- seamless switch and fade effects between input signals

- On-Screen-Display over output pictures

- perfect HDCP and EDID handling

- local or remote Web based user interface



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We offer unprecedented modularity by supporting of arbitrary project sizes with three different chassis:

  • 4RU up to 32x16 configurations
  • 7RU up to 32x32 configurations
  • 14RU up to 144x72 configurations

Feasible and reliable solution for your 24/7 operation project: 

  • board rooms and conference centres
  • schools and universities
  • department stores
  • mission critical control rooms for general supervision and control projects

Enjoy the long term and stable reliability of 24/7 operation of the DIMAX matrices.

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