Your NEW 4K60 Video Wall Controller Solution is Here!

DEXON Systems are one of the top video wall controller manufacturers having thousands of control room installations worldwide. The company is happy to announce the newest product family that will replace the DXN5200 popular products and enhance system operation with 4K60 signal support.


DXN6200 Video Wall Controller

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The new DXN6200 product family supports different size of video wall controller projects by offering 3 different chassis as 4RU, 7RU and 14RU sizes. System integrator customers can now select the right size for the given project and so integrate a winning solution to satisfy and even exceed the customer expectations.

DXN6200 Family

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The DXN6200 video wall controllers drive large video walls to display Windows 10 graphics desktop and graphics windows of local application programs running on the video wall controller. Additionally, to the graphics canvas users can display direct video input overlay windows displaying live video information. The highly modular configurations handle 4K60 4:4:4 or 4:2:0 input signals and output 4K60 4:4:4 HDMI signals.


DXN6200 4K60 video wall controller


As the 4K input and output signal display requirements are more and more frequent this new DXN6200 solution can satisfy different project requirements for any kind of control room project. System integrators can now serve any input and output signal resolution requirements so they are free in wiring and even the installation can be future proof.


DXN6200 Descrption


All of the DX6200 models contain a dual-bus system architecture that was custom designed by DEXON for control room applications. The main PCI Express system bus for graphics and system control means only one connection but DXN6200s offer an extra independent and highly secure crossbar bus for video display with unbelievable system throughput.

Any kind of project requirements can be satisfied by the clever selection of input peripherals, high quality output peripherals and the right DEXON video wall controller device. The goal is to achieve total customer satisfaction by providing a reliable and 24/7 operation for years after the installation.

The DEXON DXN6200 products are available for immediate delivery and so they can serve demanding AV projects and successful installations.

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