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As DEXON Systems, we are proud of each and every one of our product in our portfolio. With over 30 years of experiences in the AV industry and manufacturers, we have in depth knowledge of the industry and a deep understanding of our client needs.

Combining this knowledge and understanding, we aim to bring unique and highly customizable solutions to the global AV market. 

We work with reliable presentation matrices, trust-worthy video processors and video wall controllers that are specifically designed for 24/7 operation even in harsh environment.  Most of our products are highly modular, include internal media players, integrated web browsers and audio players, additionally they can perform unique to the market transition effects and crystal clear video results thanks to revolutionary 4K technology. 



DEXON Systems' product portfolio video including:
-short summary of each product family
-short summary of each individual product
-short summary of each accessory
-highlighted outstanding characteristics and leading edge services

Our product portfolio includes video wall controllers, matrix switchers, video processors and various innovative AV components optimized to your requirements which you can all see in the below video!



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