DIMAX Presentation Matrix family - NEW NAME ASSIGNMENTS!

DIMAX Family has never been so simple!

Recently, we have been working on a new system that clarifies and simplifies the naming of our products. We came up with a new logical structure that will help you identify your request easier than ever. 

By going to our products page, you can scroll down to see all families and a short explanation of the product names in an organized table! 

The DIMAX-Pro is the abbreviation of the DEXON Intelligent Matrix name and refers to the high-tech matrix switchers of DEXON Systems that provide all-in-one solution for advanced AV projects. At first these products give the usual matrix switcher functions:

  • handling of different signal formats
  • format conversion of different signals
  • matrix switch of any inputs to any output
  • matrix switch of any input to multiple outputs
  • automatic EDID management
  • HDCP handling
  • Handling of multiple users and administrators with different rights


On top of these the DIMAX-Pro matrices offer additional services that make the product the all-in-one solution, where no other external boxes are needed for the system integration. The outstanding services of complex video manipulations:

  • scaling up of input signals to any output resolution
  • scaling down of input signals to any output resolution
  • real time display of input information over the outputs
  • real seamless switching of signals
  • fade-in of new inputs with programmable interval
  • cross-fade switch between 2 input signals with programmable interval
  • fade-out of signals when switched off with programmable interval
  • setting of custom output resolutions to different outputs
  • cropping of input signals’ window size
  • mapping the input signals’ window to any size or coordinate over the output frame
  • controllable HDCP handling at the input and output side also
  • On-Screen-Display text over any output video
  • Picture-in-Picture display (PIP) of second input to the very same output in real time
  • Live, stamp sized preview of multiple video inputs over the user interface’s input part
  • Stamp sized and live preview of several outputs over the user interface’s output parts


At the system design level, the DIMAX-Pro products serve different jobs to give the prefect solution for system integrators:

  • DIMAX-Pro devices can contain multiple and independent segments with different users and user rights
  • Some of these segments can contain routing matrices performing simple signal routing jobs
  • Some of these segments may contain intelligent matrix
  • Some of these segments may contain video processors handling coherent video wall of displays
  • In the video processor segments video inputs can be displayed in windows with any size and any position over the coherent video wall


At the application and user level the DIMAX-Pro gives easy-to-use control tools

  • Easy-to-use graphics user interface for remote control of the DIMAX-Pro
  • User interface that can be displayed in a Web browser of any software platform as Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS and Linux


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