DMX200 is being showcased at ISE2020!

The AV Award 2018 finalist DMX200-Pro family is being showcased at ISE 2020!!!

DMX202-Pro family introduces the new concept of section. Each of the sections may have assigned input signals to handle, outputs to control and users with different access rights. The hierarchical user right system ensures user access and control to selected sections and so selected inputs and outputs only. The world class DMX202-Pro family modular devices are built up using 16x16, 32x32 or 72x72 chassis. They process 4-144 input and 4-72 output signals. HDMI, DVI, RGB, analogue video, SDI, direct HDBaseT signals are handled with full HDCP protection. DMX202-Pro family offer local or network based HTML5 compatible, intelligent control system with live preview option for I/O signals.


  • Modular matrix switcher with
    • presentation matrix
    • routing matrix
    • video processor sections
  • Different sized, modular chassis as 4U, 7U, 14U high to serve small, midsized and very large configurations also
  • Feature rich board set to support modular configurations from 4x4 to 16x16, 32x32, 64x64, 72x72
  • 4K 30Hz I/O signals, handling all industry standard resolutions and formats
  • Handling of colour spaces as RGB 8, YUV 4:4:4, YUV 4:2:2
  • controllable HDCP as non-HDCP, 1.4, 2.0, 2.2 handling at the input and output side also
  • Different input signal formats and resolutions converted to desired output signal standard
  • Programmable custom output resolutions to different outputs
  • Limitless cropping of input signals’ window size
  • Mapping the input signals’ window to any size or coordinate over the output frame
  • Signal scaling in and scaling out of any input resolution to any selected output resolution
  • Real time display of input information over the outputs
  • Seamless switch of 2 input signals to the outputs with zero latency to provide immediate, distortion free picture change with no black frames
  • Fade-in of new inputs with programmable interval
  • Cross-fade switch between 2 input signals with programmable interval
  • Fade-out of signals when switched off with programmable interval
  • Picture-in-Picture display of two live, moving video input signals over any output screen
  • Video wall operation mode creating coherent video screens with real time input video display
  • On-screen-display (OSD) over any input signal windows as defined by the project installation
  • Preview option displaying multiple input signals in stamp sized, live windows inside the remote web based user interface
  • Handling of embedded and analogue audio signals at input and output side also
  • Fully independent audio matrix switching for embedded or separate analogue audio signals
  • Ability to hierarchically assign different user and access rights to selected operators
  • Easy-to-use, remote control user interface through platform independent web browser to be run in Windows, Linux, iOS, Android platforms
  • Versatile layout management user interface with sophisticated scenario handling
  • Management of multiple and coherent video wall surfaces with real time input video rendering



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