GITEX Technology Week 2017 - Dubai

DEXON participated at 37th GITEX Technology Week 2017 in Dubai 8th -12th October which is a game-changing, must-attend event located in Dubai – the world’s fastest growing technology hub. In 2017 GITEX hosted 4,473 exhibitors from 97 countries where 147,133 attendees participated on 92,903 square meters. Dubai is a great venue for GITEX as it is a dynamic innovation hub, a bridge between east and west, a pioneer in technology innovation & early adoption makes theoretical technology a mass-consumption reality.

At this very successful exhibition we introduced our brand-new video wall controllers, 4K products for matrix switching and video processors. We presented DIVIP804KC video processor and DIMAX804KC 4K small presentation switcher for Boardrooms. Additionally, the audience could see DIMAX4K which is part of the world first 4K, seamless, scaling and modular presentation matrix family. We are very proud for the new DXN5000 Video Wall Controllers, these were the most popular products at GITEX.












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