InfoComm 2019, Orlando Exhibition

We are proud to announce that our first exhibition with DEXON USA was great. We had lot of customers with interest to the all-in-one solutions of DEXON. We could demonstrate all our major product lines in live operation.

We presented DIMAX-Pro, a modular, all-in-one solution in its hybrid presentation matrix family; DIVIP16-Pro, a modular video processor for 4K60 4:4:4 signals; and DNX5000, a 4K compliant videowall controller for mission critical control rooms.

The DIMAX-Pro name - as a new class in the AV industry - covers hybrid matrix switchers that can satisfy all rendering requirements of an AV project, an office department, a building or even a factory. This unprecedented 3-in-1 solution integrates presentation matrix, routing matrix and video processor into a single chassis. The presentation matrix offers scaling, seamless switching, cross fade switching and PIP rendering. The routing matrix performs signal conversion and matrix switching from any input to any or multiple outputs. The video processor can drive video walls with real time display and scaling of input signals to any output screen or wall position.



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