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DIMAX-Pro the Hybrid Presentation Matrix Family

The modular, all-in-one solution with live preview of video signals

Modular matrices from 16x16 to 72x72. They offer presentation matrix, video processor and routing matrix segments with live preview. Signal scaling, seamless switch, PIP, OSD and video wall mode ensure all-in-one solution for AV projects.

DIVIP16-Pro the Modular Video Processor for 4K60 Signals

The All-in-One Video Processor with Live Preview

DIVIP modular video processors from 16x16 to 72x72. They drive large, coherent video wall of several displays with live preview. Real time signal scaling, seamless switch, PIP, OSD ensure all-in-one solution for demanding AV projects.


DXN5000 Video Wall Controller Processing 4K Signals

Modular video wall controller in 16x16, 32x32, 64x64 sizes, creating video wall of Windows 10 desktop and live video overlays. DXN5000 family handles 4K I/O signals providing perfect solution for mission critical control room projects.

8x4 Presentation Matrix with Internal Media Player

DIMAX804KC handling 8xHDMI inputs, 4xHDMI and 4xHDBaseT outputs. Built-in scaling up, scaling down, seamless switch, PIP of second input, video wall mode, internal 4K media player. All-in-one device for board rooms and presentation projects.

DIVIP804KC the 8x4 Video Processor with 4K Internal Media Player

DEXON Systems’ DIVIP Video Processors are vital components in demanding AV projects where different input signals must be visualized over the video wall surface. They serve broadcast, digital signage or conference room applications that demand the best equipment in order to deliver complete solution. DIVIP804KC provides perfect, all-in-one-box solution with smart features as quality scaling, transition effects and seamless switching.

In this video our colleague, Andrew Rothery from DEXON talks about the features of the DXN5000 video wall controllers with 4K input and output boards, the DIMAX Pro matrix which can run as a video processor, a seamless matrix and a traditional matrix switcher, and a 4K60 4:4:4 video processor.  



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