KOBA Exhibition 2018, Korea


The 4 days long exhibition gave DEXON Systems the opportunity to show and demonstrate unique and world-famous video wall controllers and Intelligent Matrix solutions. Main families were DXN5000 video wall controllers, DIVIP Intelligent Video Processors and DIMAX Intelligent Matrix Switchers. All of them built of 16x16, 32x32, 64x64 modular chassis where different input and output boards can be inserted.

DEXON’s new DIVIP804KC Intelligent 8x4 Video Processor has been demonstrated for the Korean market and audience. The device is space-saving due to its size. Best choice for boardroom, reception, education projects. The DUS404 4K 1x4 Scaler is HDCP compliant with push buttons and LCD display. This universal, small, 1x4 video processor provides scaling and rotation for demanding AV projects.

Hundreds of Korean visitors showed interest in the advanced AV solutions of DEXON Systems. DEXON’s Korean staff delivered live demonstrations and real time trainings about DEXON’s products and services.



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