Merry Christmas - What happened in 2020?

Merry Christmas!

It has been a very special year which brought unexpected changes in our lives. All these events strengthened the importance of family and friends and how we need to take care of each other even if we are apart. This is perhaps the best time to be thankful for our loved ones just as much as we are thankful to close such a successful year in the AV industry with you.
Thank You!

Now let's summarize what happened in 2020!


DEXON Systems introduced new naming conventions for our customers. Using the new naming system our respected customers can easily understand product families and main services for Presentation Matrix Switchers and Video Processors.
We implemented new HDCP Handling and new Colour Spaces. All members of DIVIP and DIMAX families offer extended and smooth HDCP support and colour spaces and therefore can serve different customer needs in demanding AV projects.
We integrated fantastic new live preview services in our presentation matrices. DEXON offers the revolutionary preview service that enables you to control and to supervise all the input and output signals of a large matrix.
DEXON Systems announced the outstanding  PIP8 output option also, additionally to the current PIP2 and PIP4 versions. This fantastic new feature is available in DVP400 and DVP500 product families.
The new DXN5400 video wall controllers handle 4K input and output signals from Q1 2021.
You can enjoy pixel-precise 4K Windows graphics desktop and high quality video overlays in real time.
We have a new website with fantastic product descriptions, references, application areas, brochures, highlighted main features - all in one place with a fantastic new design!
We created one detailed and one short summary video of each product to help you understand them! These can be found on our Youtube Channel and Website... >>>Check them out!

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