NEC 2018 Showcase - London

NEC Showcase 2018 - DEXON from NEC Solutions Showcase on Vimeo.

NEC 2018 Showcase - London

NEC as a global technology giant has significant market share in the UK. As part of the group NEC UK, Display Solutions organized a great event in London, in May 2018.

The annual NEC Showcase, this year celebrating its 10th anniversary, saw it reach new levels of success - appealing to an even broader audience, instigating quality connections and nurturing opportunities for innovation. Comparing the proportion of channel to end user attendees saw close to 50% from end user organizations who particularly appreciated being able to visualize technology in action. Over 15% of all visitors attended from outside of the UK as Showcase continues to attract a wider out-reach across Europe and beyond. Total visitor numbers were maintained at close to 1,500 representing a significant proportion of the AV industry.

 The 2018 version of the NEC Showcase was themed “Your Day in Digital” and it basically showed how NEC (and its 40+ technology partners) can enhance the average workday.


DEXON Systems introduced DXN5400 series Video Wall Controller driving 12-screen video wall demonstrating transport network operation. Smooth operation and passenger security was of the highest priority within transport networks. The simulated Transport for London command and control centre receives multiple data sources with the operator able to access instant information to maintain smooth running of the underground network and to immediately react should an incident occur. Operation was demonstrated in a large setup of

  • Intevi IPTV and digital signage system
  • DEXON DXN5400 series video wall controller
  • DAS OPTIMA 1600 command & control console
  • 12 x NEC 46” X464UNS-2 video wall displays with HDBaseT receivers
  • 2 x NEC 34” EX341R curved desktop displays
  • Peerless-AV full service video wall mounts


 The DXN5000 video wall controller is essential part of a mission critical control room project. These units not only control video wall, but also handle multiple analogue or digital, HD or 4K video inputs, IP Cameras and display workstations’ monitor images. The DXN5000 controllers apply dual Express Crossbars for the full digital display of digital and analogue input sources in real time.

The DXN5000 series of video wall controller is highly modular, so the input and output number, the type of input and output signals can be specified and tailored to each project. The unit can be suited to 16x16, 32x32 or 64x64 chassis. The device provides real 24/7 operation with comprehensive software system to support multiple operators’ interaction.


“Showcase has always been about the ‘experience’. It gets people involved which is the best way to learn and make connections,” says Mark Taylor, Display Solutions Manager, NEC Display Solutions. “This year, we recreated ‘a day in your life’, following a timeline of a typical working day with each of the daily interactions enhanced through technology.”

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