NEW Live Preview Services for DIMAX Family!

An AV installation usually applies different products connected by a lot of cables and signals. These equipment complete a rather complex task by managing a huge number of different signals. The operators need full supervision and control for a secure operation. DEXON offers the revolutionary preview service that enables you to control and to supervise all the input and output signals of a large matrix. 
DEXON’s Intelligent Matrix Switchers offer revolutionary new preview service in order to supervise the full infrastructure from a single operator seat.

  • this optional preview can be used by remote operators sitting in front of remote PCs that are connected to the DEXON matrix through the LAN
  • stamp sized preview windows display 8,16 or even 32 input sources parallel over the Web based user interface
  • the input channels can be dynamically selected or de-selected by the user, using simple mouse clicks
  • the preview provides live video displaying what is happening on that certain input channel
  • the user interface displays the output channels also, using live video, so the operator can check the output content parallel
  • using a special setting, the user can display all the 8 or 16 input previews in a full screen mode, having access to each of the sources

 This revolutionary service can be accessed as an additional option. This service guarantees the full overview of the on-going AV operation and supervision by using the easy-to-use web interface. 


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