Partnership video with Japanese Partner!


This year at ISE Exhibition we decided to give a chance to our partners from all around the world to speak up and to talk about our products. Every year at ISE, we celebrate our partnerships and come together in Amsterdam to discuss potential plans on how to flourish AV industry together in the upcoming year.

As people come to this exhibition from all over the world, it serves as a fantastic platform to mingle and meet new AV people. This is not even really an industry, it is rather a worldwide community that sticks people together like a magic glue in order to thrive together and to bring technologically advanced products to serve its loyal users. 

But nothing is more important to us than to be a trusted supplier of reliable products. We would like our partners to feel safe while working with us and keep these partnerships alive for a long time. We need to cooperate closely and find common solutions to satisfy the market needs as a team. 

As DEXON Systems operates worldwide, we cherish our very special partners from Japan who have put trust in our products many years ago and we have been building up a fantastic partnership with ever since. 


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