Roadshow in Switzerland - March

Visitors got full sales and technical introduction about the newest DEXON developments. The latest DXN5000 product family was demonstrated with 4K input and output handling. The new video wall controllers ensure controll of multiple video walls displaying Windows 10 graphics desktop information combined with real time video input windows. The product family has outstanding high bandwidths for the visualization of 4K input signals over video walls consisting of 4K multidisplay walls.

The DIMAX-Pro name - as a new class in the AV industry - covers hybrid matrix switchers that can satisfy all rendering requirements of an AV project, an office department, a building or even a factory. This unprecedented 3-in-1 solution integrates presentation matrix, routing matrix and video processor into a single chassis. DIMAX-Pro introduces the new concept of section. Each of the sections may have assigned input signals to handle, outputs to control and users with different access rights. The hierarchical user right system assigns user access and control to selected sections only.

  • Modular chassis to serve 16x16, 32x32, 72x72 configurations
  • Supports all currently used video signal standards up to 4K resolution
  • Scaling matrix, routing matrix and video wall sections
  • High quality scaling up or scaling down of input signals to the outputs
  • Real seamless switching and transition effects
  • PIP display of two different inputs
  • Live preview of all input signals
  • Remote HTML5 compliant web browser based control and supervision
  • Hierarchically assigned operators and rights
  • Separate audio matrix for embedded and analogue audio signals
  • 19” rack-mountable enclosure



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