Unique On-Screen-Display solutions in DIMAX Family!

There is a built-in information text about the current output settings and input connections on your display. Meaning that this features allows you to identify your input sources as well as output channels to simply your daily work!

This information text can be visualized on the OSD (On-Screen-Display) panel. The visibility settings of the OSD panel can be changed here including the following:
• Auto: the information panel is automatically displayed in case of any changes in the settings.
• Yes: the information panel is visualized permanently.
• No: the information panel is not visible.

By default, the information panel can be seen on the top-left corner of each display output. The position, size, timing, content, background colour, the text colour and the highlighted colour can also be specified in the OSD panel.

This outstanding feature provides you yet another customization possibility that will make your installation stand out among others!

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