Matrix Switchers

DEXON’s DIMAX matrix switchers can be used for signal switch with scaling, seamless switching, fading, PIP and OSD services. All-in-one box solution controlled by platform independent user interface while offering live preview of 8 or 16 input sources parallel. Modular configurations supporting small, medium or very large projects from 4x4 to 144x72 signals with HDCP service.


Matrix Switchers

DEXON Systems’ DIMAX video matrix switchers offer all-in-one services for small, medium or even very large AV projects. They provide not only matrix switching of different input signals but offer signal scaling, cropping, format conversion, frame rate conversion, seamless switch, cross-fade switch, On-Screen Display, output cropping, PIP display of second input to any output. The DIMAX matrix switcher family is highly modular so it can serve projects from 4x4 up to 144x72 input and output signal. On the top of these outstanding services the DIMAX boxes offer video matrix switcher, routing matrix and video processor part in a single box. This unique 3-in-1 set of services make the product as an outstanding central element of any demanding AV project. Of course, these models provide perfect HDCP handling, EDID management also.

The local management of the DIMAX matrix switchers can be performed by locally connected keyboard, mouse and monitor. The remote management of the operations can be controlled by multiple operators using a platform independent, web browser based and rather easy-to use graphics user interface through TCP/IP connection. This interface needs only a local browser to run on the remote laptop, tablet or mobile phone of any operating system and any browser. Over the control screen you can see the input sources, the output sources and you can set some special control where graphics features and services can be activated. On the bottom, we designed the layout buttons for you. These allow you to define, save and recall your own layouts. The device allows to store 64 different layouts.

The remote operators may have stamp sized, live preview about multiple inputs and outputs parallel. The administrator can set up hierarchical user rights among the multiple operators, so they may have only specific rights about operations to perform.

The modular DIMAX matrix switcher family contains 3 different chassis as 4RU, 7RU or 14RU high ones. The 4RU high chassis may serve configurations from 4x4 up to 16x16, the 7RU high chassis may serve from 16x16 up to 32x32 configurations while the 14U high chassis may serve from 32x32 up to 144x72 configurations.

The input boards of this modular configuration may serve any of the industry standard signal interfaces as composite video, component video, analogue RGB, digital DVI, SDI, HD-SDI, 3GSDI, HDMI matrix switching and directly connected HDBaseT signals through RJ45 connectors. This means all the main industry signals can be processed and switched to any output.

The cross-matrix switching means that any of the input signals can be switched to any or even multiple output connectors. And parallel to this, multiple inputs are switched to multiple outputs and these signals do not disturb each other. The DIMAX boxes contain significant bandwidth to serve real time switch and transfer of input signals to any number of outputs.

These matrix switchers provide additional industry leading services to improve the customer experience and provide a really all-in-one solution for complex AV projects.

  1. The input signals can be scaled up or scaled down without any limitation to the outputs. The scaling is performed in real time of course.
  2. The input signals can be cropped to only a small part of the input signal will be transferred and scaled to the output
  3. The resolution and the frame rate of the inputs to the outputs can be changed according to the administrators’ setting.
  4. The input signals can switch seamless to the outputs. This means the input is changes under the vertical synchron inactive period by special FPGA hardware devices. This results no black frame or any distortion on the output. Result perfect user experience.
  5. The input signals can fade in from the static background
  6. The input signals can fade out to the static background
  7. The input signals can cross-fade in real time to any output
  8. The input signals can be identified by text over the picture called OSD as pre-programmed by the operator
  9. Even the output pictures can form a coherent video wall of the input signals to display over. This video wall operation can be initiated by the operator setting
  10. The option of PIP2 means the output can display not only a sine input but even a second input as a picture-in-picture operation. The display works in real time of course.

The DIMAX intelligent video matrix switcher gives a perfect solution for demanding AV projects where a lot of signals must be processed and transferred parallel. Unlimited bandwidth guarantees perfect service for board room, show room, control room, university campus, conference center, factory automation and other complex projects where high reliability and all-in-one service is needed for the perfect customer satisfaction. No external boxes, signal handling is needed because all the possible services are built-in.

These customized DIMAX-Pro devices can be integrated to your board room, show room, university or conference center projects. They can be applied in mission critical control rooms also where 24/7 operation is crucial.

As a summary we can point out these matrix switchers are 3-in-1 matrices with high modularity and attractive video handling services. System integrators have the chance to offer elegant single-box solution for demanding AV projects.