DXN6200 4U

This processor drives a video wall of multiple screens, draws Windows 10 compatible graphics desktop, renders the graphics outputs of Windows applications and displays live video overlay windows from video inputs through direct HDMI or HDBaseT cables. Control of multiple video walls, integrated HDCP handling, unlimited scaling with real time display make the product the central element in mission critical control rooms or demanding AV projects.

These units not only display Windows 10 compatible graphics windows, but also process and display

  • multiple analogue or digital, SD, HD, UHD signals
  • local or remote video inputs
  • 4K60 4:4:4/4:2:0 HDMI inputs
  • display workstations' monitor images
  • drives 4K60 4:4:4 HDMI outputs

The visualization over the video wall surface can be controlled by local or remote operators using web browser based application or custom DXWallControl program package. The hierarchical user right system ensures user access and control to selected parts only.

Such video wall controllers are customized to the project’s needs and can be used for mission critical control rooms, universities, show rooms, department stores, factory automation, government projects and even LED display walls.
DEXON DXN5200 Reference

Integrated DXN6200 controllers drive multiple local or remote monitors to form one large Microsoft Windows compatible desktop (video wall)

Real time display of local or remote HDMI, DVI, SDI, RGB, YPbPr, S-video or Composite video input sources such as PCs, Notebooks, video cameras, Blu-Ray players or Media players

Processing and display of 4K60 HDMI input signals in real time, in any position, in any size with pixel precise scaling and rendering

Visualization of remote workstations’ desktop image through the network
Expandable with multiple input 
and output boards
 supporting any video
standard or direct HDBaseT connection
Arbitrary positioning and overlapping of windows on the video wall
Full HDCP support for input signals and output connections
Independent matrix for embedded or analogue audio I/O signals
On-screen-display (OSD) over any input signal window as defined by the project installation

LAN or RS-232 remote control using API

Comprehensive DXWall software system with easy-to-use tools for wall management, video input handling and remote control
HTML5 based remote control from Windows, iOS, OS X or Android platforms, PCs, tablets, mobile phones

Dual, redundant power supplies

Designed and verified for 24/7 operation

19" rack-mountable, 4U also available in 7U or 14U high 

Summary of services for DXN6200-4U:

• Professional video wall controller
    o driving coherent video wall surface of multiple screens
    o run Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019 operating systems and display of Windows 10 graphics desktop
    o run Microsoft Windows compatible applications and drag the applications’ graphics windows over the desktop
    o display live video overlays from directly connected inputs
    o display operator workstations’ screen content via the LAN
    o easy-to-use graphics user interfaces for local or remote management of the controller and the wall layout
• Graphics application windows and input video windows scaled to any size or position over the video wall
• Real time display of input videos regardless of the position and scaled size
• Modular chassis 4U high to serve small configurations 
• Feature rich board set to support modular configurations from 4x4 to 32x16
• 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 or 4:2:0 input HDMI, handling all industry standard resolutions and formats
• 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 output HDMI signals driving independent video walls
• Handling of colour spaces as RGB 8, YUV 4:4:4, YUV 4:2:2, YUV 4:2:0
• Controllable HDCP as non-HDCP, 1.4, 2.0, 2.2 handling at the input and output side also
• Different input signal formats and resolutions converted to desired output signal standard
• Limitless cropping of input signals’ window size
• Signal scaling up and scaling down of any input resolution to any selected output resolution
• Picture-in-Picture display of two live, moving video input signals over any output screen
• On-screen-display (OSD) over any input signal windows as defined by the project installation
• Preview option displaying multiple input signals in stamp sized, live windows inside the remote web based user interface
• Handling of embedded and analogue audio signals for both inputs and outputs 
• Fully independent audio matrix switching for embedded or separate analogue audio signals
• Ability to hierarchically assign different user and access rights to selected operators
• Easy-to-use, remote control user interface DXWebControl through platform independent web browser to be run in Windows, Linux, iOS, Android platforms
• DXWallControl Versatile layout management user interface with sophisticated scenario handling
DXN6200-4U Summary 

Regarding the hardware implementation

Set of chassis to meet your projects’ requirements
The modular chassis can accommodate different input boards and build up the custom configuration tailored to the project. Users can build small, medium or large configurations by using the very same board set and technology. Robust mechanics and logical interface design guarantee easy installation and operation. The chassis offers:
Custom design, custom manufactured, made of steel to serve robust mission critical projects
4RU chassis handle 32x16 configurations
Regulated fans with very low noise level for long terms and stable operation
Dual, redundant, hot swappable power supply option
Frame design optimized for the best cooling and easy board exchange
Immediate, remote check and supervision of device health
You can visually supervise and check the health of the remote chassis by the help of the remote Web based user interface. Continuous health service for supervision of fan rotation, external power supplies, internal power supplies and internal temperature of boards/chassis are available. The status of these parameters is permanently displayed over the remote user interface while user can check all the status information in detail. The status of these parameters is saved to special log files also.
DXN6200 Health Check
Highly redundant power connections
The chassis contains internal power supplies supporting all of the international mains electricity standards from 90V up to 265V. The optional second redundant power supplies give high reliability as they are
• Fully redundant, sharing the system load among the units
• Hot swappable, so they can be exchanged during full operation
The system operation can be switched on and switched off by the mains switch on the front of the chassis.
DXN6200-4U Redundant Power Supply

Interfaces and signal

Easy connection to the external devices by interface connectors of the chassis
The DXN6200-4U products contain different control interfaces for the easy local or remote control
• 1 x DVI output connector to display local monitor for system setup and control
• 4 x USB2.0 connectors for firmware upgrade, save/reload configuration information or
o 1 x local mouse for system control 
o 1 x local keyboard for system control 
• 2 x LAN connection to be connected to TCP/IP networks, to be used for setup and remote control
• 1 x RS-232C connector to handle remote control commands
DXN6200-4U Easy Connection
Convenient local control of the box by local monitor, mouse and keyboard
The DXN6200-4U products provide chance for local control using the locally connected peripherals. Full functioning Windows desktop and DXWallControl graphics user interface on the locally connected monitor handles user login and layout management by the mouse and keyboard. The operator sitting in front of the device can manage the full operation without any LAN connection. So system security can be enhanced significantly.
DXN6200-4U Control
No external converters are needed as all industry standard signals supported for the easy integration at the input
As an all-in-one solution the DXN6200-4U products process all the industry standard input signals with direct cable connection. So no external signal conversion is needed, everything is handled by the very same, single DEXON box. The input boards handle usually 4 signals with direct connectors and 4 x L,R base line audio inputs as
• 4 x HDMI 4K 60Hz signals, 4 x audio, up to 4K resolution
• 8 x HDMI 4K 60Hz signals, up to 4K resolution
• 4 x HDBaseT signals with RJ45 connectors, 4 x audio, up to 4K 60 Hz resolution
• 4 x SDI, HD-SDI, 12GSDI, 4 x audio, up to 4K 60 Hz resolution
• 4 x Universal input for legacy signals as DVI, RGB, YUV progressive, YUV interlaced, composite video interlaced, S-video interlaced, up to 1920x1200 resolution
• 4 x HDMI for interlaced signals, 4 x audio, up to 1920x1080 resolution
• 16 x composite video inputs, progressive and interlaced, 4 x audio as NTSC, PAL, SECAM
• 4 x USB and 1 x LAN connection for IP decoding and visualisation, up to 4K60 resolution


DXN6200-4U Architecture
Different input signal resolutions at your fingertips
The inputs support HDMI signals up to 4K60 resolution, as from 640x 480 60 Hz pixels up to FHD as 1920x1080 60 Hz or 1920x1200 60 Hz, UHD as 3840x2160 at 60Hz or 4K as 4096x2160 at 60Hz in progressive mode.
Different signal colour formats at your finger tips
The DXN6200-4U devices has the capability to handle different I/O colour spaces as
• RGB 8
• YUV 4:4:4 or 
• YUV 4:2:2

• YUV 4:2:0

Universal L,R audio handling at the input ports
The 4 x Phoenix connectors handle base line L, R analogue audio signals. The audio connectors have 2 roles depending on user interface setting
• Input of base line, L, R analogue audio signal for internal matrix switch and output audio generation
• Output of audio signal de-embedded from the corresponding HDMI or HDBaseT or SDI input channel
So no external audio handling needed as de-embedding, embedding and analogue input audio processing is performed also.
Audio Input
Major industry standard output signals supported for the easy integration
As an all-in-one solution the DXN6200-4U products drive all the industry standard output signals with direct cable connection. So no external signal conversion is needed, everything is handled by the very same, single DEXON box. The output boards handle usually 4 signals with direct connectors
• 4 x HDMI signals, 4 x audios, up to 3840x2160 4:4:4 resolution
• 4 x HDBaseT signals with RJ45 connectors, 4 x audios, up to 3840x2160 4:2:0 resolution
Universal audio handling at the output ports
The output signals contain embedded audio where the independent audio matrix can assign audio of any input channels to be embedded. Additionally the 4 x Phoenix connectors handle base line L, R analogue audio output signals for the direct connection to external processing equipment.
Audio Output
Professional HDCP handling
The products offer professional HDCP handling as supporting HDCP 1.4, 2.0 or 2.2 standards for the perfect integration of the boxes to complex environments. The user can set up at the input side to reflect handling of
• HDCP 1.4
• HDCP 1.4 or 2.0 or 2.2
The device handles all HDCP standards at the output side depending on the peripheral connected. All the HDCP rules are strictly kept when displaying signals with different HDCP standard.
Perfect EDID handling
The EDID handling at the output and input side has been developed to support easy system integration. Different EDID handling method include the chance to develop custom EDID to be presented to special input sources.
Bezel compensation for the perfect picture
The DEXON video wall controllers give setup possibility for the bezel compensation of the monitor. Horizontal and vertical compensation can be set up in a pixel precise way.
Bezel Compensation

Industry leading, clever services for the perfect system integration

Real time signal handling for perfect customer satisfaction
The DXN6200-4U products perform all operations in real time. So the output signals are displayed in real time from the inputs regardless of the signal resolution, scaling, PIP and number of signals controlled. No drop of frames, no black frames or transitions can be experienced.
Zero CPU load during overlay visualization
Handling of input signals, format and frame rate conversion, scaling, insertion to output desktop and visualization are performed by professional hardware design. The crossbar bus based hardware architecture does not use the CPU’s resources for the real time display of the input videos. That’s why zero CPU load can be experienced even if a lot of video overlay windows are open. So the capacities of the CPU can be used for LAN management, SCADA program running.
Overlay Visualization
Unlimited scaling of input signals to outputs
The DXN6200-4U devices contain 2 output signal scaling engines for each of the output channels. The scaling operation has no limit, so the scale up from any input resolution as for example 640x480 or 1024x768 to any output resolution up to 1920x1080, or even 1920x1200 are possible. The scale down from any input resolution as for example 3840x2160 can be performed to any output resolution as 1280x720 is possible. One of the scaling engines serves the main output while the other ones support the PIP channel. The scaling operation results in crystal clear image displayed in real time with no drop of frames.
Picture-in-Picture, PIP visualization
The Picture-in-Picture visualization means display of 2 inputs over the main output channel. This extra window can display any of the input sources in any position and any scaling/size over the main image. Cropping and arbitrary positioning are supported while the visualization is performed in real time.
OSD over output signals (On-Screen-Display)
Users can define free OSD size, position, test, background colour or text colour. This information text can be setup in the OSD (On-Screen-Display) panel. The visibility settings of the OSD panel can be changed in the Properties menu item or in the DXWallConfig utility.
Remote preview of input signals for the total management of the system
The graphics user interface has a built-in option to display stamp sized preview of multiple input signals. This live preview makes possible the check the input signal validity and content by the operator continuously. Great chance to have the total overview what is happening and what must be displayed. This is a remote preview so the operator can see remotely without any direct access to any of the inputs.
Remote preview of video wall content for full supervision
The graphics user interface has a built-in option to display video wall preview. This live preview makes possible the check the video wall operation for the operator supervision continuously. Great chance to have the total overview what is happening and what is be displayed at a given moment. This is a remote preview so the operator can see remotely without any direct access to any of the output signals.
DXN6200-4U Remote Access

Large and complex software system to serve all user requirements

Large DXWall software system for your perfect service
The DEXON DXWall systems offer advanced wall management services to provide a perfect solution for any video wall and control room visualization jobs. Client-server architecture based software packages manage the wall and control the world of DXWall graphics and visualization. Easy-to-use graphics windows allow quick and efficient set up, control and supervision. The rather big DXWall software system performs the hardware control, user interface handling, network management and visualization over the video wall. 
• DXWallServer Multi-screen and Live video driver and server suite
• DXWallConfig Configurator for easy setup and system configuration
• DXWall Administrator Remote user handling package
• DXWallControl Application client suite for local and remote video and input handling
• DXWall Scenario Application system for remote video sequencing
• DXWall NetComputer for LAN based remote screen visualization
• DXWall RemoteOperator with Preview package for remote operator and wall interaction, KVM for DXN6200 mouse and keyboard remote control
• DXRemoteInput software system to control connected workstations
• DXInterface for touch panels and interfacing
Standard Windows 10 professional or Windows server 2019 to control the full chassis
DXN6200 runs Windows 10 Professional operating system for the control of the hardware, the video wall and interfacing to the external world. Windows 2019 Server can be used for custom project needs also. Users can use the standard services of the operating system for user handling and application program running. Windows guarantee full software compatibility for third-party application systems, transparent network handling and graphics applications.
No reboot needed if configuring with DXWallConfig utility
DXWallConfig package performs all the set-up and configuration jobs of DXWall systems and the display wall functions. DXWallConfig has an easy-to-use graphics user interface where any operation can be set up by simple mouse clicks. Configuration and set-up functions have immediate effects, thus no reboot is needed.
• Set up of wall layout and monitor resolution
• Define groups of screens and define wall layout/individual screen resolutions for advanced multi-resolution mode 
• Define bezel compensation 
• Set up overlapping of screens
• Define HDCP protocol application
• Name, assignment and standard of all input types
• Specification and default parameters of Application inputs
• Define visualization limit for input sources
• Set up of DXWallControl’s user interface language as
 English as default
• Generation of special test patterns for testing of display devices
• Assignment of output channels and screens for easy wall cabling and redundancy
• Define user name, password and access rights for certain remote operators
• Set password protection for the DXWallConfig package
Easy set-up of user rights by DXWallAdministrator
The package controls user rights and privileges. The administrator assigns user passwords and gives different rights to remote users regarding the management of the wall resources as:
• Assign administrator’s rights
• Define rectangular area over the wall as limited operator’s working area
• Define operator’s access rights for selected input sources
• Right to run and use RemoteOperator package and control
• Control right for video windows
• Control right of foreign video windows
• Right to run pre-defined scenarios
• Right to edit and modify predefined scenarios
DXWallControl application suite for local or remote visualization
The package manages input handling for multiple video window visualization and ensures comprehensive wall management over the full display wall surface. DXWallControl manages the wall resources running locally on the DEXON wall controller or remotely from any operator workstation in the network.
DXWallControl system provides easy-to-use graphics user interface for management of wall resources. Main functions:
• Open Video inputs, NetComputer and Application windows
• Move, zoom, manipulate or close windows
• Modify window attributes
• Modify video attributes as colour, brightness, saturation
• Apply rubber-bend-zooming function to any of the windows
• Assign predefined size for windows as ¼ cube, one full cube or full video wall surface
• Assign integral zoom for any of the windows
• Set keep aspect ratio for the windows
• Change window input source
• Assign and define Z order of windows
• Assign still frame function
• Assign motion display method
• Assign hide function
• Close window
Manage the wall layout as scenarios by DXWallScenario
The DXWallScenario package, as part of the DXWallControll system, ensures sequenced video wall management and manipulation over the video wall area. The users can design and develop video visualization, zoom and timing sequences with pre-programmed control files. The package may be run locally or on network based remote operator workstations. The Scenario system has a scenario file editing part with the following user interface functions
• Develop specific layouts consisting of video, NetComputer and application program windows
• Define sequence of layouts to be displayed
• Modify sequence of layouts to be displayed
• Add specific name to each layout
• Add specific event name to each layout
• Define timing to each layout
• Save edited scenario file under a specified name
Run and display parts of scenario system have the following functions
• Call and open scenario file
• Run defined scenario file
• Execute defined steps of the scenario file
Use integrated KVM in the DXWall remote operator package
Multiple remote users can control the video wall input devices as the keyboard and the mouse. Sophisticated tools control operator interaction and scheduling. The following services are available for networked operators:
• Define display wall to be controlled
• Get access to display wall mouse and keyboard control over the network
• Get exclusive access to display wall mouse and keyboard control over the network
• Define pixel precise mouse control
• Define reproduction area of mouse
• Provide full wall preview locally
WebControl program package for input source visualization and layout management
The package needs Explorer window to run locally or on any remote workstation to control the visualization over the wall. The program manages input source display and provides easy to use layout management.
WebControl package’s main functions:

 • Open video input video, NetComputer and Application windows
• Move, zoom, manipulate or close windows
• Modify window attributes
• Modify video attributes as colour, brightness, saturation
• Assign predefined size for windows as grid, ¼ cube, one full cube or full video wall surface
• Assign integral zoom for any of the windows
• Set keep aspect ratio for the windows
• Change window input source
• Assign and define Z order of windows
• Assign still frame function
• Assign motion display method
• Assign hide function
• Close window
• Assign predefined layout to certain pushbutton
• Assign colour and name for pushbuttons
• Save layout information to files and recall saved layouts
• Assign and display output display name

DXN5200 DXWALL Webcontrol
DXWall NetComputer program system for remote screen visualization
Sophisticated program package to display the LAN based operator workstation’s screen content over the wall. It ensures cooperation with any operator workstation platform such as Windows, UNIX or Linux. The open standard VNC program’s server package has to be installed on the remote operator PC only for this service. NetComputer system works as part of the DXWallControl system so all the remote workstations’ screens will be handled as general input devices. Cursor of the network based computer can be controlled as well.
DXN6200-4U Netcomputer
DXWall remote input program to control remote sources
Program package to control the cursor and mouse of the computers sourcing the Express Universal inputs. Ensures efficient tool for managing multiple source servers.
DXInterface package for interfacing to touch panels and calendar based management of wall layouts
DXInterface package provides easy integration of external touch screen devices to the wall controller. General purpose and specific equipment have development support for the serial line or LAN based cooperation. The package gives sequenced and calendar based execution functions as well.
• Specification of control workstation and wall server
• Single or periodical calendar based scheduling of events and wall layouts
• Handling of RS232C serial line based equipment with programmable protocol
• Management of TCP/IP based communication with programmable protocol
• Interfacing of AMX or Crestron touch panels through RS232 or TCP/IP connection
• Sample program sources for touch panel interfacing
• Programmable SNMP trap handling
• Web based control through configurable dynamic pages
• WIL High level command set for user programming of wall management and customized input source display (Window Interface Language)
• Script programming of predefined command sequences
Improved system reliability by logging
You can initiate precise logging procedure that saves all the system parameters to files for later revision. The device has 6 levels of logging to save critical data of the configuration and operation.
DXN5200 Logging 

DXWall Control Software System

The DXWall software system offers user-friendly packages to meet control room operation requirements. Advanced configuration service facilitates the installation and setup of graphics and video wall properties. The DXWallControl system manages the wall and provides user interface for impressive video and DVI/RGB input visualization. Full interfacing of touch panel devices through RS-232C or LAN connections. Innovative features include alarm management, layout control and time-based scheduling. Sophisticated remote tools support network-based operators’ interaction and the remote control of video display services. The DXWallControl system provides English, Spanish, French, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian user interfaces for the wall control.
DXN6200-4U, 19” compatible rack mount chassis
4U 4K60 Video Wall Controller Front
4U 4K60 Video Wall Controller Back


• 4RU high chassis
• Input boards 1 - 4
• Output boards 1 - 4
• Interfaces 1 x DVI, 2 x LAN
• 4 x USB, 1 x RS232C
• 1 x PS, 1 x PS redundant
• 483 x 178 x 526 mm



Input 4-32
Input Signal Formats HDMI, HDBaseT, SDI, HD-SDI, 12GSDI, DVI, RGB, YPbPr, S-video, Composite video
Output Signal Formats HDMI, direct HDBaseT
Audio Embedded or separate analogue R-L audio inputs and outputs
HDCP HDCP support of 1.4, 2.0, 2.2 specifications
Control Local control by local monitor, keyboard, mouse
Remote control through RS232, TCP/IP LAN
Web based remote control user interface
Temperature 5 - 40 °C
Humidity 10 - 90%, non-condensing
Power Supply 100V - 240V AC
Power Consumption 250-400 W
Dimension W483 x H178 x D526 (mm)
20-30 kg


Input signal specifications Details
Digital HDMI HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 specifications
from 640x480 to 4096x2160 60 Hz, RGB or YUV 4:4:4
Digital DVI DVI 1.0 from 640x480 to 1920x1200
RGB, VSYNC, HSYNC from 640x480 to 1920x1200
Component video, YPBPR 576i, 576p, 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
S-video, Composite Video PAL, NTSC, SECAM
HDBaseT up to 100m (330 feet)
from 640x480 to 4096x2160 30 Hz
IP camera stream
HTTPS TCP/IP, ONVIF CameraDiscovery & GetStreamUri
Video file
mp4, mkv, webm, mpeg-2
Output signal specifications Details
Digital HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 from 640x480 up to 4096x2160 60Hz, RGB or YUV 4:4:4
HDBaseT up to 100m (330 feet)
from 640x480 to 4096x2160 30 Hz


4K60 HDMI Input Board - 4ch

 HDMI 4K60Hz input board - 4x channels

4K60 HDMI Input Board - 8ch

 HDMI 4K60Hz input board - 8x channels

4K60 HDBaseT Input Board

 HDBaseT 4K60Hz input board

Universal Input Board

 Universal input board

12GSDI Input Board

 12GSDI 4K60Hz input board

Composite Video Input Board

 Composite Video input board

IP4 IP Stream Input Board

IP Stream 4K60Hz input board - 4x channels



4K60 HDMI Output Board - 4ch

 HDMI 4K60Hz output board - 4x channels

4K60 HDBaseT Output Board

 HDBaseT 4K60Hz output board

Preview Output Board

 Preview output board - 8x live windows











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