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DEXON Systems work on multi-screen video display projects since 1996 and today it is one of the best-known developers and manufacturers of advanced video wall controllers on the market. Video wall controllers, intelligent matrices, advanced video processors are sold worldwide to supply demanding AV projects. The company has thousands of mission critical control rooms installed all over the world. DEXON’s controllers provide high-quality video display in real time according to the operators’ requirements. The controllers and components are manufactured for 24/7 operation.



  Board Rooms


DEXON Systems’ product families are built for high performance, real time video display, signal processing and scaling options. We are confident that in any demanding environment our machines will be the least of your worries. We offer integrated systems customized for any applications, from demanding board rooms to large auditoriums. We wish to contribute to your success in presenting your ideas effectively and simply. DEXON Systems’ aim is to help you connect with your customers and partners providing you a firm technological background to enable collaboration and interactivity. DEXON Systems are able to provide a firm base for all of this information to be displayed and monitored in outstanding visual quality.

Board Room Application
  • Mexico city, Mexico, Board rooms, Pemex
  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Meeting room, Veolia
  • Jincheon, Korea, Board room, CheilJedang
  • Trieste, Italy, Board room, Palazzo Berlam
  • Chiba, Japan, Board room, Government
  • Aqaba, Jordan, Board room, Authorities
  • Redmond, USA, Board rooms, Microsoft HQ
  • Jakarta, Indonesia, Board room, Government offices
  • Hyderabad, India, Board room, Invesco
  • Turin, Italy, Board room, Ferrero
  • Hanoi, Vietnam, Board room, Agribank
  • Campeche, Mexico, Board room, Pemex

   Industrial Supervision

Industrial Supervision Application

Corporate enterprises leverage technology to bring out the best potential of their employees as well as to reach the most efficient workflow. Using modernized and intelligent technology provide a firm ground to work productively and cohesively in an organized manner that simplifies the overview of corporate activities. In fast-moving markets, the most vital key to success is to receive real time data at flawless quality. This grants a simplified decision-making process. We wish to help you with critical situations by customizing our machines to your market demands. DEXON's technology supports industrial process supervision and control of information handling in real time.

  • Oslo, Norway, Control Room, Central Posten
  • Bogotá, Colombia, Control room, Utilities
  • Ostrava, Czech Republic, Control room, Car factory
  • Helsinki, Finland, Control room, Electricity provider
  • Osaka, Japan, Process Supervision, Water Treatment
  • Doha, Qatar, Process control, Sewage Plant
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE, Process control, Oil Refinery
  • Kirbymoorside, UK, Deep-sea Research, Subsea Technologies
  • Metsä, Finland, Process supervision, Botnia Paper Factory
  • Assuit, Egypt, Industrial supervision, Ueepc
  • Gunsan, Korea, Industrial supervision, Power plant
  • Wroclaw, Poland, Industrial supervision, Tauron
  • Krakow, Poland, Supervision, Tauron
  • Tokyo, Japan, Industrial supervision, Sewer station

  Universities & Conferences 

As technology evolves, so are the ways of sharing knowledge with others. We are having a vast number of technological tools that are now being transformed into modern educational methods. This is used to visualize learning materials and enable more productive and quicker learning opportunities for future generations. These create a bridge between the minds of students and the curriculum, opening news windows for innovative learning. Our products are exceptionally reliable and applicable to be used for trainings, enabling trainees to be part of the learning process with a flawless visual interactive experience. We are able to support AV projects for every type of educational and conference facilities to make your institution stand out among others. These applications generally occur at well-known universities and control centers around the world.


Universities and Conferences Application

  • Rimini, Italy, Conference center, Palacongressi
  • Frankfurt, Germany, Information board, Stock Exchange
  • Seoul, Korea, Government Conference Rooms
  • London, UK, Showroom, Barclay’s Bank
  • Warsaw, Poland, Conference room, Ernst & Young
  • Seoul, Korea, Conference room, Samsung
  • Ulsan, Korea, Conference room, Ulsan
  • Chuncheon, Korea, Conference center, Province Office
  • London, UK, Visitor center, VISA
  • London, UK, Training center, IBM
  • Hanoi, Vietnam, Training center, Government
  • Rome, Italy, Training hall, NATO Academy
  • Warsaw, Poland, Classroom, Medical University of Warsaw
  • Wonju, Korea, Auditorium, Hira
  • Brescia, Italy, Training hall, Universitá Cattolica
  • London, UK, Training room, HMRC
  • Dublin, Ireland, Training hall, RCSI Dublin
  • Warton, UK, Flight Simulation, BAE

  Control Rooms

Control Room Application

Our integrated systems provide reliable, 24/7 operations every single day around the world. In these kind of applications, control means comprehending great variety of information from different sources, putting these into context and making effective decisions. We make this possible by tailoring our solutions to your control room standards. This field especially requires cutting-edge technology and overcoming boundaries to create a secure and reliable platform. Our products are applied by government agencies for surveillance, as well as in crisis rooms for supervision and control purposes. Our products enhance efficiency and immediate reactions in significant emergency rooms all around the world.

  • Manchester, UK, Control room, Department of Work and Pensions
  • Warsaw, Poland, Control room, PKN Orlen
  • Milan, Italy, Control room, Regione Lombardia
  • Assuit, Egypt, Control room, UEEPC
  • Vicenza, Italy, Control room, Zilio Group
  • Tarnóv, Poland, Control room, Gaz System
  • Trento, Italy, Control room, Erickson
  • Rome, Italy, Control room, Angelini Pharmacy
  • Bangkok, Thailand, Control room, Electricity Authority
  • Kyushu, Japan, Control room, K. Dam
  • Mengusovce, Slovakia, Control room, Tunel
  • Kosice, Slovakia, Control room, VSE
  • Preston, UK, Control room, BAE
  • Bristol, UK, Control room, Airbus
  • Molfetta, Italy, Control room, Eprivia
  • Bratislava, Slovakia, Control room, Veolia

  Show rooms


In the rapidly growing technological environment, showrooms need to be innovated with a game-changer outfit. If you want to stand out in terms of visual images and audio, the solution is at your fingertips. DEXON Systems’ technology is the next step for your showroom to impress clients, presenting and visualizing your products and services. We have numerous applications running around the world which give a fantastic look to many business owners' store or facility. Our easy-to-use software interface allows users to navigate the video walls to their daily needs without needing any special operator skills. Sharing information has never been easier!

Show room Application

  • Seoul, Korea, Show room, Nexen
  • London, UK, Show room, Pico
  • London, UK, Show room, Electronic Arts
  • London, UK, Show room, Harrods
  • Osaka, Japan, Show room, Municipal Subway
  • Dublin, Ireland, Show room, Kelloggs
  • Tokyo, Japan, Information board, Fukuras
  • New York City, USA, Digital Signage, Nike
  • Seoul, Korea, Show room, Coex
  • Zilina, Slovakia, Show room, AP Media
  • Yongsan, Seoul, Show room, Samsung
  • Baghdad, Iraq, Show room, Future Art
  • Warsaw, Poland, Show room, City authorities
  • Manchester, UK, Show room, Rockport
  • Gyeongi, Korea, Show room, Samsung
  • Bangkok, Thailand, Information board, Siam Commercial Bank

  Crisis Centers

Crisis Centers Application

Crisis rooms have become significantly important the past decade due to an increasing number of accidents or natural disasters. These rooms are developed to observe specific locations and ensure that all stakeholders are notified and react accordingly in case of emergency. Crisis rooms fill a very important purpose when it comes to the safety of humans. It is their job to spot any anomaly. Number of operators sit in front of the video wall using the graphics data and the displayed video information to make decision about human life and protect infrastructure. This crucial job requires products that are suitable for mission critical control for 24/7 operations. DEXON Systems’ products are suitable to provide perfect overview to operators in real time with multi-display control of video walls.

  • Kansai, Japan, Emergency call center, Police
  • London, UK, Underground, Crisis room
  • London, UK, Crisis center, BP
  • Chugoku, Japan, Emergency call center, Police
  • Kanto, Japan, Crisis Center, Mlit
  • Kinki, Japan, Emergency call center, Police
  • Kanto, Japan, Emergency call center, Police
  • Hokuriku, Japan, Emergency call center, Police
  • Kingswells, Scotland, Emergency call center, Lloyds Register
  • Tokai, Japan, Emergency call center, Police
  • Tohoku, Japan, Emergency call center, Police
  • Kyushu, Japan, Emergency call center, Police
  • Sunbury, UK, Crisis room, BP
  • Shikoku, Japan, Emergency call room, Police

  Police Command & Control


DEXON Systems developed a range of products to enhance operation efficiency and surveillance monitoring throughout the years. This is possible by DEXON’s multi-display visual solutions that enable police teams to multitask and perform commands more accurately. The operators usually sit in front of the video wall, they handle their workstations’ screens, manage information to be displayed over the video wall and check the video wall area for the common information. Our all-in-one solutions provide a flexible base for a control center to transit real time data allowing teams to display insightful information to rely on in terms of decision making. All the mission critical controllers are manufactured for 24/7 operation.

Police And Command Control Application
  • Madrid, Spain, Control room, Fire brigade
  • Taizhou, China, Police control
  • Manchester, UK, Control room, Police
  • Horten, Norway, Marine surveillance, Navtek
  • Kyushu, Japan, Command control room, Police
  • Budapest, Hungary, Command & control,  Police
  • Budapest, Hungary, Central police call center
  • Kanto, Japan, Command control room, Police
  • Hokkaido, Japan, Control room, Police
  • Kyushu, Japan, Command control room, Police
  • Shikoku, Japan, Command control room, Police
  • Perugia, Italy, Control room, Mondialpol

  Traffic Control

Traffic Control Application
With ever increasing traffic in bigger cities around the world, actions need to be taken to productively manage, monitor and plan delays, congestions, alternative routes and emergencies to manage everyday's complexity. Transportation agencies implement real time cameras, sensors, intelligent systems to eliminate negative consequences of disturbances in traffic. To benefit from these simultaneously, agencies need a reliable and real time capable intelligent technology. Needless to say, timely information is crucial to maintain our roads and public transportation areas safe. With no restrictions, we are able to provide you with an all-in-one solution that allows your operations to be running 24/7, as traffic never stops.
  • JR, Japan, Control room, Railroad
  • Hanoi, Vietnam, Highway supervision
  • Seoul, Korean Republic, Traffic control, Metro line
  • London, UK, Traffic control, TFL
  • London, UK, Traffic center, London Underground
  • Bilbao, Spain, Control center, Metro
  • Rome, Italy, Control room, Ffss
  • Budapest, Hungary, Supervision room, Airport
  • Seoul, Korea, Control center, High speed rail
  • Dubai, UAE, Traffic control, Road Transport Authority (RTA)
  • Inchon City, Korea, Traffic Control Center
  • Deagu, South-Korea, Supervision, Subway System
  • Moscow, Russia, Security, Sheremetevo Airport
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia, Traffic control center, Highway Authorities
  • Rome, Italy, Control Room, Ferrovie Dello Dello Stato
  • Chubu, Japan, Traffic control center, Highway
  • Manilla, Phillipines, Control room, Koica
  • Singapore, Singapore, Traffic control, Land Transport Authority

  Network Operation Centers


Communication is a service that is vital for humans and corporations every day in any part of the world. Today’s technology allows us to be constantly in contact with each other, via different communication channels like telephone or the web. Our lives are built around these communication channels to a great extent. Large telecom companies and even government organizations operate network operation centers (NOC) that keep these communication channels up and running flawlessly 24/7. Many well-known telecommunication service providers are using DEXON Systems’ products in their centers for their operators to have the most updated information at hand any time.

Network Operation Centers Application
  • Lahore, Pakistan, Control room, Mobile operator
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Network Operation Center
  • Ryadh, Saudi Arabia, Network operating center
  • Bahrain, Mobile operator, NOC
  • Seoul, Korea, Telecom Operator, NOC
  • Hanoi, Vietnam, Network operator, NOC
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE, NOC, Sibca
  • Bangalore, India, NOC, VISA
  • Farnborough, UK, NOC, Vodafone
  • Dublin, Ireland, NOC, Aer Lingus
  • Oman, NOC, Police
  • Warsaw, Poland, NOC, T-mobile
  • Seoul, Korea, NOC, Woomi
  • Theale, UK, NOC, NTT Security

  Security Supervision

Security Supervision Application
In order to eliminate the chance of breaching, companies become interested to invest more in security and surveillance, which might be homeland, airport, bank, office building, factory and any major event’s safety measures. Therefore, DEXON Systems developed products that can optimize and decrease risks in the control rooms. We are able to customize each product to support your security center with perfect overview by accessing reliable and real time visualization. As one of the dominant technology providers in this field, our aim is to support your safeguarding system. Real time display, immediate action and high reliability are assured by the advanced DEXON video wall, displaying all the required information in front of operators who are able to control the layout of the wall remotely.
  • Ulambator, Mongolia, Security supervision, Police
  • Budapest, Hungary, Cyber security, SAP
  • Mexico City, Mexico, Cyber security, HSBC
  • Krakow, Poland, Cyber security, HSBC
  • Cambridge, UK, Control room, City Council
  • Bangkok, Thailand, Security supervision, Don Muang Airport
  • Lyon, France, Surveillance, Anaveo
  • Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, City Map, Police
  • Jabeli Ali, UAE, Security supervision, DP world
  • Kyushu, Japan, Security room, Police
  • Chubu, Japan, Security room, Police
  • Chugoku, Japan, Security room, Police
  • London, UK, Security room, Deis
  • Dubai, UAE, Security room, Dewa